Stainless Steel Float and Silicone dip tube

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Turn a keg into a cask

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Stainless steel ball that acts as a float to hold the 60cm silicone dip tube on top of the beer inside a keg. This allows a ( Corny, AEB act. ) keg to be used as a cask, pulling clear beer from the top rather than sediment from the bottom. To enable this the original dip tube will need to be cut.

2 reviews for Stainless Steel Float and Silicone dip tube

  1. knold (verified owner)

    It’s good but the supplied tubing should be one size bigger. It’s impossible to get the tube over the dip pipe with one hand inside the keg.

    • Robert Neale

      Hello, The tubing fits perfectly inside the tube not over the top, makes it much easier;)

  2. James Wilson (verified owner)

    I’ve used this when fermenting in a corny keg. After fermentation, dry hopping and a cold crash I can transfer only beer to the serving keg under CO2 pressure. No hops, no trub transferred.

    I should add that I used 6.5mm ID silicon tube attached to a gas dip tube.

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