Still Spirits Easy Turbo Still (UK) 240V/320W

Still Spirits Easy Turbo Still (UK) 240V/320W


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A sleek and compact air still for distilling water, essential oils or spirits at home with ease.

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A compact, sleek stainless steel still for those who want a no fuss way of distilling water, spirits or essential oils. A compact system which is easy to move and operate from any kitchen, boat or campervan.

• Easy to operate, set up and use. With no hoses or complicated assembly.

• Attractive, small compact design. Perfect for using as an every day appliance in your kitchen or home.

• Uses no water when running. The Air Still is fitted with an efficient internal fan to cool the alcohol vapours and requires no cooling water.

• Great for distilling water and essential oils (minus the botanicals).

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Weight 4 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 8438400000


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