Still Spirits - Tonic Water Kit BBE: End of Feb 2024


Still Spirits – Tonic Water Kit BBE: End of Feb 2024

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Imaging being able to pour your own tonic water from a keg at home, even better when you tell friends you made it, and even better when you count the cost saving to for this tonic water that tastes as good as the premium store brought tonics waters.

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Make your own Tonic water in one week or less.

Simple and easy to make at home, mix with water in a corny keg and then carbonate.

Sometimes only a G&T will do, and what better way to enjoy one at home than with your own home made Tonic Water. Clean refreshing with well balanced sweetness and acidity, hints of lemon and a delicate quinine bitterness.

Imagine having your own keg of Tonic water at home, think of the saving this will make over store brought tonic waters. This tastes as good as, if not better than the premium brands available in stores, whilst also allowing you the chance to tell friends that you made it yourself at home when making them a G&T.


NOTE: You will need to have corny keg and gas at home to take advantage of this product and to carbonate it.

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2 reviews for Still Spirits – Tonic Water Kit BBE: End of Feb 2024

  1. ozz_1983 (verified owner)

    Saw this advertised on an email and decided to give it a go, worst case if it was terrible I’d wasted £6 and 15 mins. I really like g&t and my wife almost exclusively drinks it now so we do get through quite a bit of tonic. This was incredibly simple to make, at first was a little disappointed but also felt it wasn’t fizzy enough so increased pressure to about 30psi at 7C. After a week at 30psi it became a really lovely tonic, definitely nicer than the supermarket ones or Schweppes which is normally what we use. It saves about 20 plastic bottles and transporting 20kg of tonic around the country. Friends love it too and love pouring from the keg (I decided to use a party tap for it as it is more like a bar soda tap). Overall – tastes better than other tonics Ive tried, costs about 30p/L and helps the environment. I added another 2 to my cart now so I dont run out.
    Note – I did filter the water I added, possibly unfiltered water might not be as good.

  2. Andrew Payne (verified owner)

    So Simple to make, one week in and got the C02 cranked up and it is fantastic, we tasted against Schweppes ,supermarkets, fever tree and it’s actually better than the over carbed supermarket rubbish and will leave it to you to judge on the rest… just ordered another kit

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