Summit - T90 Pellets 100g

Summit – T90 Pellets 100g


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Summit boasts citric aromas of tangerine, grapefruit and orange along with an impressive alpha content giving it a wide spectrum of potential use

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Summit hops, a dual-purpose hop variety, have gained recognition in the brewing community for their unique and bold characteristics. Developed by the American Dwarf Hop Association, Summit hops were released in 2003 and have since become a popular choice among craft brewers seeking to craft distinctive and flavourful beers.

Summit hops are best known for their intense and complex aroma, featuring notes of citrus, tangerine, and orange zest, with subtle hints of earthiness and pine. These vibrant aromas contribute to a refreshing and enticing scent that sets Summit apart from other hop varieties.

With alpha acids ranging from 17% to 19%, Summit hops offer significant bittering potential, making them suitable for various beer styles. Their high alpha acid content provides a clean and sharp bitterness, which can be well-balanced by their aromatic qualities.

Brewers often use Summit hops in both bittering and aroma additions, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of beer styles. They are particularly popular in hop-forward styles, such as American-style IPAs, Imperial IPAs, and Pale Ales, where their bold and citrusy flavours complement the bold hop presence.

Additionally, Summit hops can also be used in other beer styles, such as Lagers and Wheat beers, where their distinctive citrus and piney characteristics can add a refreshing and invigorating twist to more traditional recipes.

Beyond their use in brewing, Summit hops are also valued for their high yield and resistance to disease, making them a reliable and sustainable choice for hop growers.

As a relatively recent addition to the hop market, Summit hops have quickly risen to prominence, thanks to their unique and captivating aroma and versatility in brewing. Their intense citrus and pine notes, combined with their high alpha acid content, make Summit hops an essential ingredient for brewers seeking to create bold and flavourful beers.

Summit hops are celebrated for their intense citrus and tangerine aroma, making them a favoured choice for brewers aiming to elevate the aroma and flavour profile of their brews. As craft brewers continue to experiment with this intriguing hop variety, Summit hops are poised to leave a lasting impression on a wide range of beer styles, providing beer enthusiasts with delightful and unforgettable drinking experiences.

Fancy using Summit Hops in a recipe? Use the Bitter Sweet Symphony-West Coast Pale

And we can teach you how to make this on our YouTube channel here

We contract and source our hops from the finest merchants and farms around the world, ensuring you get the chance to brew with the same high quality product that professional breweries use.

Using mylar bags which prevent light degradation of the hops, flushing the bags with nitrogen to remove oxygen and cold storage of them until ordered by you, ensures the hops are as fresh as possible.

If you want to learn more about hops and how to use them then check out our Help Centre where you will find blog posts and our Brew With Us ESSENTIALS and we also have some great content on our YouTube channel about hops too.

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