Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler – Ball Lock Adaptor

Adaptor for use with Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler. Allows quick and easy connection of the gas source.


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Ball lock adaptor that inserts into the push fit COconnecor. Fits grey ball lock disconnects.

Connecting the Tapcooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler is supposed to be easy, and with this adaptor it’s super easy to borrow the COconnection from a Cornelius keg. When filling multiple bottles, it’s advicable to use the CO2 connection from a different keg than the one the bottles are filled from.

Insert the adaptor into the Counter Pressure Bottle Filler first, then connect the ball lock disconnect. When bottle filling is finished, remove the ball lock disconnect from the adaptor before the adaptor is removed from the Counter Pressure Bottle Filler. Press the collet of the push fit connector and pull the adaptor out of the connector.

Only for use with forward sealing beer taps; Vent-matic, Perlick or Intertap

Use only for filling beer into bottles

Use protective eyewear. Bottles may break when pressurised.

Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler not included, sold separately.

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