The Craft Beer Channel – NE DIPA collab with Cloudwater

The Craft Beer Channel – NE DIPA collab with Cloudwater


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Brew another beer following the path set out by Jonny and Brad over at The Craft Beer Channel. This time a DIPA in conjunction with Cloudwater!

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This is the recipe from the recent video The Craft Beer Channel made in collaboration with Cloudwater. Jonny and Brad wanted to make some thing that hit the high quality of some of the much loved and revered DIPA’s that have taken the craft beer world by storm over the last decade. This is full on Juice! Packed with citrus notes from the use of hops such as Motueka and Amarillo as well as using advanced hop products such as Lupomax and Incognito this beer will be sure to please!

Be sure to check out the videos below from the team at The Craft Beer Channel.

Ingredients Included

Crisp Extra Pale Malt (6500 grams)
Simpsons Finest Pale Ale Golden Promise®™ (2200 grams)
TMM Oat Flakes 20 (1100 grams)
TMM Rolled Wheat Flakes (Flaked Wheat) (500 grams)
Simpsons Wheat Malt (500 grams)
Magnum Pellets (30 grams)
Amarillo Pellets (100 grams)
Motueka Pellets (100 grams)
TMM Falmouth Ale Dried Yeast 12g (2 packs)
INCOGNITO – Citra 15g (1 packs)
INCOGNITO – Mosaic 15g (1 packs)

Citra Lupomax Pellets (100g)

Mosaic Lupomax Pellets (100g)


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style Imperial or Double India Pale Ale
Batch Size: 23l
Original Gravity: 1.085
Final Gravity: 1.022
ABV %: 8.28
IBU: 41

Temperature °C: 70
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 60 mins

Additions and timing:

The Boil

Magnum – 30g @ 60 mins (12 IBU)
Amarillo – 25g @ 10 mins (9 IBU)

Whirlpool – 80c

Citra Incognito – 7g @ Whirlpool – 30 mins
Mosaic Incognito – 7g @ Whirlpool – 30 mins
Motueka – 15g @ Whirlpool – 30 mins
Amarillo – 35g @ Whirlpool – 30 mins

Secondary additions and timing:

Dry Hop Additions

Motueka – 85g
Amarillo – 40g
Citra Lupomax – 100g
Mosaic Lupomax – 100g

Dry hop at 15C after fermentation is complete, then immediately crash to 4C, hold for 36 hours. Rouse halfway if possible. Dump hops from FV if possible, if not possible then transfer off the hops to keg and condition at 4C for at least three days.

Yeast: TMM Falmouth Yeast
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18c for 7 days then raise to 23 for 3 days before moving to dry hop phase. Ensure you check fermentation is fully complete before you move on to dry hop stage


This beer must be closed transfer to avoid DO (dissolved oxygen) in your finished beer as this will at best mute your hop presence and at worst fully oxidise the beer.

There is no rice or oat husks included in the recipe however you may wish to add some to your mash if you are at all concerned about a stuck mash.

Jonny also created a starter for his yeast which consisted of 2 packs of yeast & 2 cans of proper starter made up to the correct specifications and instructions on the cans. This was allowed to grow for 24 hours before pitching into the wort

Brewing a New England DIPA with Cloudwater (pt1) | The Craft Beer Channel

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