Grainfather (Mangrove Jack) Hop Spider

Grainfather (Mangrove Jack) Hop Spider

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This Hop Spider keeps hops together during the boil.

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This Hop Spider keeps hops together during the boil. It can be used on all appropriate sized boil pots, including the Grainfather.

Made with a coarser, 800 micron mesh, for maximum wort flow and increased hop utilization.  Dimension are 15cm diameter, 30cm length

Although it is not a necessity in brewing with the Grainfather brewing system, it is a popular product. This has therefore been designed with a specifically fitted hook design which can be hooked onto the side of any brew pot or the Grainfather support ring. Perfect for those of you who would like the reassurance of a hop spider when brewing.

This spider can be used for any kind of hops, including hop pellets.

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Weight 2 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 7323990000

4 reviews for Grainfather (Mangrove Jack) Hop Spider

  1. Stuart Evans (verified owner)

    A simple hop spider which works well with the Grainfather. Could do with sitting slightly firmer to prevent dislodging and is marginally expensive for what it is, but then I guess you pay for the brand and perceived quality. I am in no way disappointed by it, but it’s difficult to get excited over a hop spider.

  2. stephen gale (verified owner)

    I got this as part of the package and have always used it in my G30. I hadn’t realised how useful it was until I decided to do a brew without using it! Wow! It is much easier to use and clean than putting the hops straight into the boil! Once a month a deep clean my G30 with sodium percarbonate. I always make sure to put this in with it. Cleans up a treat.

  3. Vincenzo Lo Re (verified owner)

    I bough and used ones, the net is too smal and it doesn’t allow the wort to pass trough but is bloking by the hops. at the end of the cooling prooces you will find the GF empty and the hopspider full of wort and hops .

    • Robert Neale (verified owner)

      Hi, if you use your paddle you can move the hops about to help release any wort that may still be contained in the hop spider. In our use this is a really hand product that helps stop blockages and makes clear up much faster.

  4. Alexander Ratter (verified owner)

    I was initially sceptical because the mesh looked too coarse to prevent hop pellet debris leaving the basket, but after two uses it stops the majority of the debris and allows sufficient wort to penetrate the basket to increase hop utilisation. It doesn’t block up either and will take a lot of pellets. No blocked pump and the clean up is made easier. Recommended.

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