TRACK X WHC – THINK LATER - Pale Ale TH+ w/ Nelson - All Grain Recipe Kit

TRACK X WHC – THINK LATER – Pale Ale TH+ w/ Nelson – All Grain Recipe Kit


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TRACK X WHC – THINK LATER – Pale Ale TH+ w/ Nelson – All Grain Recipe Kit

Hopped with Nelson Sauvin, so expect its usual white wine and gooseberry profile.

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Yeast is a wonderful thing, and can massively change your beer experience. For these two beers, Dance First, & Think Later you’ll notice a new logo; TH+ which signifies our exploration into Thiolised yeast. We teamed up with the good people at WHC Lab and used their Hop Unlock yeast which is taking the industry by storm. We’ve dramatically changed the way these beers were dry hopped to take advantage of the bound thiols and unlock flavour profiles we wouldn’t be able to by using our house yeast and usual dry hopping techniques.

This version is hopped with Nelson Sauvin, so expect its usual white wine and gooseberry profile, amongst some more unusual characteristics not usually associated with a Track Pale Ale. You might also wish to grab some beers from Track when ordering this recipe kit

Those awesome hop slinging folks at Track Brewing in Manchester decided that when they were going to try brewing up something new and special that they’d kindly share the recipe with us for the home brewing community to also try at home.

This recipe describes how Track brewed this beer, but you may wish to alter some of the methods to make it work according to your kit and methods of brewing.

Ingredients Included

BESTMALZ Best Heidelberg
TMM Rolled Wheat Flakes (Flaked Wheat)
Warminster Flaked Malted Oats

TOTAL grain bill 5.556 KG (you may wish to add some Oat husks due to the use of oats and wheat)

Motueka T90 Pellets – Hop Revolution (92 grams)
Columbus T90 Pellets (3 grams)
LUPOMAX – Citra Pellets (38 grams)
Nelson Sauvin T90 Pellets – Hop Revolution (161 grams)
WHC Hop Unlock- Thiol producing Liquid Yeast! (1 packs)

INCOGNITO – Citra 15g (1 packs)


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale
Batch Size: 23L
Original Gravity: 1.056
Final Gravity: 1.017
ABV %: 5.1%
IBU: 25

Temperature °C: 70c
Length (mins): 90
Out temp °C: 75c
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 90mins

Additions and timing:

Mash Hop Addition – add with grain
92g Motueka

Boil addition
90 mins – 3g Columbus

Whirlpool Addition
38g Citra LupoMax

8g Citra Incognito (see notes)

Secondary additions and timing:

Dry Hop
161g Nelson Sauvin for 24hrs
(you choose if this is during or after fermentation has completed and at a cooler temp)

Yeast: WHC Hop Unlock
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18c


When chatting to Matt about the recipe so that we could scale it we noted out some really interesting methods that they are using.

First off the mashing temp of 70c, yes you read that correct, this is to hold some of the body in the beer.

TH+ is the name that track have given to the brew to identify that they are using hop thiol releasing yeast and brewing methods. This uses a specific yeast and mash hoping of the wort.

Track water profile information will be provided with recipe kit:


Using Incognito

We asked a few questions about this, as its not the way we’d ever used it before and wondered why he chose it and not Spectrum, this is what Matt has to say:
The idea with the Incognito was taken from listening to a few podcasts with the US brewers, ultimately you’re just looking to mix it well with the hot wort in the Whirlpool & get as much of it as possible into the FV.
However the thought is that you always end up leaving some in the Whirlpool, coating the vessel with a green/gold oil like film – so if you mix it in the fv at the start of cast then its ALL in the FV.
The aromas coming off the fermentation from this are unreal, almost like its been dry hopped already.

I feel the incognito used in the way gives a deeper, more rounded flavour & aroma – a base note maybe.
Whilst Spectrum at the end of fermentation is more sharp, a top note.
Pellets landing somewhere in the middle.
I think its the layering of these components that can give layers & depth to a hoppy beer, even if its just a single hop.

The incognito in the FV is a little experimental,

So from his information we thought we would try a similar method at home. Before chilling decant some of the hot wort in to a jug or directly into the fv, Track then add incognito to this hot wort to get it into suspension, then add this to the fermenting vessel. The idea being that it avoids loosing it to the surface of the kettle. This is not a normal practice for Incognito but one that Matt from Track decided to try on this beer. We would also suggest maybe even combining with a small amount of the whirlpool pellets too, as Incognito bonds to pellet material, or you could consider adding in kettle with the whirlpool stage and as per the normal way of using this product, its totally your brew so you decide what works for your kit/methods.

Whirlpool and Transfer times

The reason we asked for these times it can show you where you need to expand your times or even how much contact time there is on hop material, this can be key to totally cloning a beer and Matt kindly let us have theirs.

Whirlpool on Kettle – 10mins
Stand – 10mins
Transfer to Whirlpool – 30mins
Whirlpool with hops – 20mins
Stand – 20mins
Transfer to FV – 30mins

Additional information

Weight 6.625 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853


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