True To Style #11 – Summer Hazy Pale – Amarillo & BRU-1 All Grain Kit

True To Style #11 – Summer Hazy Pale – Amarillo & BRU-1 All Grain Kit

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This beer is a refreshing summer hazy pale ale with a slightly crisper finish to help quench your thirst on a warm summers day.

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True To Style #11 – Summer Hazy Pale – Amarillo & BRU-1

These all grain kits are all designed with one thing in mind, making great tasting beer at affordable prices. We’ve built and created this range to offer our first “core” range of all grain kits that represent either great ingredients, methods or beer styles which we adore.

All of them are 23 litre batches and come in at sensible strengths for the mid week beers or sessions at the weekend! Read our full blog post on this range here!

This recipe showcases some beautiful American hops with both BRU-1 and Amarillo being present. The expression of style is furthered due to the yeast option chosen, SafAle S-33 delivers delicate peach notes on the nose but where it really shines is the haze generated. Soft, thick and stable…. Everything you would want from a hazy, juicy summer pale ale! The Amarillo will bring classic orange and grapefruit notes whilst BRU-1 will drive more Pineapple and green fruit. Coupled with the yeast expression we get lots of tropical fruit juice in the glass form this beer.

We are planning to embrace hop creep too, allowing the beer to further dry out after we add our dry hop addition. This will result in a finished beer being slightly crisper than some hazy pale ales, but this adds to its drinkability in our opinion!

Ingredients Included

Crisp Torrified Wheat
TMM Oat Flakes 20
Extra Pale Malt
BRU-1 T90 Pellet (50 grams)
Amarillo® – BarthHaas® Pure Hop Pellets – 100g (1 pack)
Hallertauer Magnum – BarthHaas® Pure Hop Pellet (10 grams)
WHC Saturated 11g (1 pack)

Total Grain Weight – 4.7kg


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale
Batch Size: 23
Original Gravity: 1.046
Final Gravity: 1.010
ABV %: 4.7
IBU: 28
Mash efficiency: 80
Brewing equipment:

Temperature °C (Step 1): 68
Length (mins) (Step 1): 60
Temperature °C (Step 2): 75
Length (mins) (Step 2): 10

Mash notes:

Boil time (mins): 60

Hop / kettle additions and timing:

10g Magnum @ 60mins

Whirlpool / hop stand:

Cool wort to 80c then add the following:

-25g BRU-1
-50g Amarillo

Whirlpool for 15mins then allow to stand for a further 15mins for hops to settle. Begin transfer after the full 30mins have expired, your total contact time with the hops in the kettle should be around 45-50min.

Yeast: WHC Saturated 11g
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18c, 10 days with the final 2 days at 21c for a Diac rest

Secondary additions:

Add your remaining hops (25g BRU-1 and 50g Amarillo) to the Fermenter at the end of fermentation. At this point you will have a gravity reading at around 1.014. We are aiming with this recipe to allow hop creep to take place in the fermenter by adding the dry hops. This will create a further fermentation and dry the beer out further to around 1.010. You will need to check for the fermentation to have completed using a hydrometer and visual signs such as airlock activity.

Once you are happy fermentation has fully finished you can now cold crash the beer to 4c over a few days. After you have hit your target 4c temperature remove the hop matter and yeast from the bottom of your FV if you have the ability and move onto packaging.

Pro tip, if you have a conical fermenter, after day one of your hops being in the fermenter you can push CO2 though the dump valve at the bottom of the cone. This will drive the hops back into suspension in your beer and extract more flavour. If you are planning to try this technique ensure you dump excess yeast from the bottom of your FV before you dry hop the beer.


This beer is a refreshing summer hazy pale ale with a slightly crisper finish to help quench your thirst on a warm summers day. Featuring some amazing US hops, BRU-1 and Amarillo, we will be embracing hop creep and accounting for it with our recipe! Expect a thick and hazy appearance thanks to the use of Safale S-33 as the yeast option and plenty of oats and wheat.

Additional information

Weight 4.88 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853

1 review for True To Style #11 – Summer Hazy Pale – Amarillo & BRU-1 All Grain Kit

  1. Julian Lane (verified owner)

    Fantastic beer.
    I followed the recipe to the letter, including pumping CO2 into the FV having drained the tub. My beer has been in the keg for 3 weeks now and it’s just gorgeous. Smells great, is happy and resinous with a lovely sharp crisp taste. Will definitely be brewing this again.

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