Universal CO2 Regulator

Universal CO2 Regulator

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This small CO2 regulator can be configured using adapters to work with a number of options.

Adapter Type A for full size CO2 bottle (pub style)

Adapter Type C for 16g CO2 Bulbs

16g Food Grade Co2 Bulbs x 10 - Threaded

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Our Universal CO2 regulator is a great brewing regulator, can be used at home on a dispense system, also great for mobile dispense on kegs and growlers. Comes with John Guest 1/4 FFL to 3/8 adaptor included meaning it will work with 3/8 gas line out of the box.

It will regulate pressure up and down, venting pressure from the rear to decrease pressure to selected pressure on the dial.

This CO2 regulator can be configured using adapters enabling it to be used with 16g bulbs, Sodastream cylinders or large pub style CO2 bottles. Choose the correct adapters top right of page.

Please note, when using with either a SodaStream cylinder or 16g bulbs the original adapter will need removing from the Universal Regulator.

Sodastream adapter

NOTE: When first attaching to a a new full Sodastream bottle this will vent, it’s important to screw the bottle in fast and fully. You will hear gas vent then the unit seal as it is done up tight.

Additional information

Weight 1.000 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 9032810000

4 reviews for Universal CO2 Regulator

  1. Lee Hayes (verified owner)

    Accurate, compact and perfect for my sodastream bottle I use when taking a keg to friends or party. Much better than my old welding reg.

  2. Peter Diggle (verified owner)

    This is properly brilliant. Best brewing item I have bought. Accurate. Easy to use. Pressure goes up and down when you turn the selector. Works brilliantly with soda stream bottles.

  3. Charlie Sinclair (verified owner)

    This Regulator is great. If you are thinking of getting the mini keg skip the mini regulator and just get this one its much higher quality and just feels better.

  4. Johann Delport (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant piece of kit. Perfect for portability. Great with CO2 bulbs and soda stream bottles.

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