Wine Fermentation and Bottling Starter Kit


Wine Fermentation and Bottling Starter Kit

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This complete kit contains everything that you will need to ferment and bottle a 30 bottle wine kit

30 Watt Heat Belt - Maintain Fermentation Temperature

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This complete kit contains everything that you will need to ferment and bottle a 30 bottle/23 litres wine kit. We have not included bottles as they are so widely available recycled from restaurants and your own consumption. Use screw top wine bottles for ease.

This product perfectly complements our Wine kits

The kit includes:-

1 x 30Ltr Fermenter with fitted tap and airlock

1 x 30 Ltr Fermenter with Bottling tap, bottling stick and airlock fitted

1m of Silicone tube for transferring between Fermenters

Triple Scale Hydrometer with 26cm Plastic Trial Jar

Bottle Brush

0.5 kg Sodium Percarbonate Cleaner

250ml Chemsan No Rinse Sanitiser

Optional 30 watt heat belt, if you are fermenting in a cold area this can help maintain fermentation temperature.

Having two fermentation vessels allowing the easy transfer of wort after primary fermentation makes the beer clear quicker, this is carried out using the supplied silicone tube that slips over the black tap and does not require any fixture. We have included enough so that the tube will drop to the very bottom of the second fermenter, this greatly reduces oxygen pickup.

Using the hydrometer and trial jar checking the original and final gravity can be carried out by taking a sample from the tap.

Bottling is made simple by the bottling stick that has a valve stopping the flow without needing to turn the tap off.

The whole kit can be cleaned, then sterilised using the included sodium percarbonate and no rinse sanitiser.

Once used the cleaned kit can be stored with the taps removed and the fermenters nested inside each other and will take up very little space.

Please note the weight quoted is the volumetric weight for shipping purposes and does not reflect the actual weight of the products which is approximately 6kg.

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