WLN2000 FANMax Bio Yeast Nutrient 28g BB: 01/12/2025

WLN2000 FANMax Bio Yeast Nutrient 28g BB: 01/12/2025


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Increase fermentation performance and speed. Keeps yeast healthy for future generations

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This proprietary blend of nutrients has been optimised for great solubility of nitrogen in your fermentations. This product contains peptone and yeast extract that provides essential fatty acids, free amino nitrogen, nucleic acids, vitamins and minerals for your yeast. It is 100% free of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), containing no inorganic sources of nitrogen.



• Beer • Cider • Mead • Kombucha • Hard Seltzer • Yeast Propagation



• Increase fermentation performance and speed

• Keeps yeast healthy for future generations

• High solubility

• Contains no inorganic nitrogen sources

• Increase concentration of zinc and calcium



What makes this product different from other nutrients?

– This product contains a unique blend of plant based protein and yeast hulls. There are no inorganic sources of nitrogen in this blend, such as diammonium phosphate.

– It contains high levels of zinc for a healthy and speedy fermentation.

Should I use this product in combination with Servomyces?

– This product can be used in combination, but the zinc content of this product should be sufficient alone.

How should I add this product?

– This product can be added directly to the kettle. For better mixing, it can be added to sterile water first but is not required.


Use 1-1.5 teaspoon (5-8g)  per 5 ( US )gallons (19 litres) of beer.

Store at 40-70F.

Add to boil in last 10 min or boil separately for 10 min

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Weight .120 kg
Country of Origin US
HS Code 2936900000


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