2kW Tri – Clamp Stainless Steel Element

This 2kW heating element is configured to use a 2.5 inch Tri Clamp bulkhead fitting.

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This 2kW Stainless Steel heating element is ideal for creating a stainless steel HLT or a smaller volume boil kettle. As it is rated at 2kW it can easily be automated by using an INKBIRD

The element has a 9.5w per cm2 density and is configured to use a 2.5 inch Tri Clamp bulkhead fitting which can be mounted into any of our stainless steel vessels including Ss Brewtech  to create an HLT or Boiler.  If purchased in conjunction with a stainless vessel we will install the bulkhead. This the allows the customer to easily add the element to the tri clamp bulkhead.

This heating element MUST be wired to a 220v – 240v AC supply by a qualified electrician.

The preferred cable for wiring this element is – 3 core 1.5mm HO7 RN-F Rubber Cable  – a Google search will find you a supplier.

Never remove the terminal cover whilst the element is connected to the electricity supply.
Never remove the element from the Tri Clamp fitting whilst connected to the electricity supply.
Never operate the heating element unless it is fitted to a vessel and immersed in liquid, do not allow it to boil dry.

A 60mm clearance hole is required to mount the Tri Clamp bulk head fitting.

The element extends 200mm inside the pot when fitted into the Tri Clamp fitting.

Blue Crimp Ring Terminals are recommended for making electrical connections to the heating element.

Terminal layout;

A = Live

B = Neutral

C = Protective Earth





Swiftbrew 3kW Stainless Steel Tri Clamp heating element fitting instructions

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Weight 1 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 8516900000