5 Litre Fermenter Complete with Tap and Airlock

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5 Litre Fermenter, – Beer – Wine – Cider.

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High quality plastic fermenter,  perfect for 1 gallon batches of beer, wine or cider. Complete with sediment trap tap that is compatible with our bottling sticks. Also ships with airlock and grommet. The tough, gasketed screw top lid is airtight.

Dimensions: W20 x D19 x H27cm

Volume: 5L filled to brim

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 3923309000

2 reviews for 5 Litre Fermenter Complete with Tap and Airlock

  1. Oliver Strong (verified owner)

    It took 2 minutes to put together. At this price point you’re not going to find a better fermenter in my opinion. I have three, one gallon batches of wine on the go and was looking for something easy to clean and convenient when it came to bottling yet affordable at the same time. This seems to be the answer.

  2. Pedro Almada (verified owner)

    I got this fermenter as my second ever, an upgrade from a carboy. The large mouth makes it easy to dry-hop and top-crop. The handle makes it easy to carry around and the spout is perfect to empty the fermenter without catching the trub.

    However, one annoyance is that the lid doesn’t seal very well. I had to add Teflon pipe thread tape to get a better seal, otherwise my bubbler didn’t bubble. This might not seem like a big deal since it’s unlikely to get an infection just from this. It does make trying to catch active fermentation for dry-hopping and top-cropping more difficult. However, a bit of tap and tighten it like your grandma’s jam jars and it was fine in the end.

    Overall quite happy with it!

    • Robert Neale

      Hey Pedro, if you apply food grade lube to the O ring it will seal. In fact it seals so well you are able to carry out a pressure transfer using CO2.

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