5L Fermenter with Lid & Grommet

5L Fermenter with Lid & Grommet


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Food grade 5 L plastic fermenter with lid & grommet. Includes litre markings on the side. For brews up to 4.5 litres.

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Handcraft Supplies 5L Fermenter with Lid & Grommet is perfect for brewing up to 4.5 litre batches of wine, beer, cider, or other fermentation. Comes with a lid pre-fit with a grommet, ready for an airlock. Stackable and made from food-grade plastic with litre markings on the side so you can easily see how much to top up to. Comes with a sturdy plastic handle for easy transportation.

If your a homebrewer of any sort of drink and want to make smaller batches this fermenter is the perfect size. Why not check out our full equipment bundle for making smaller batches of beer here? We also have a whole range of 5lt recipe kits to make beer from all grain here


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