Advanced Water Report from Murphy & Son

Advanced Water Report from Murphy & Son


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Advanced Brewing Water Analysis brought to you in partnership with Murphy & Son

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Are you keen to understand your brewing liquor in more detail? With water making up over 90% of your finished beer, it can make a significant difference to the end result in your glass. Our advanced brewing Water Report will offer you a great solution. This water report goes further than most on the market due to the inclusion of sodium in the breakdown.

Understanding this and making simple adjustments can result in a greatly improved beer, maximised ingredients and flavours, as well as getting closer to true examples of the beer you are working hard to create.

We have partnered with Murphy & Son to offer you an advanced water analysis.

On ordering this product, you will be shipped a vial to add a sample of your tap water to and post back to Murphys & Sons. They will then analyse your water and provide a comprehensive breakdown of your water composition as well as some suggestions on additions you can make to enhance and maximise your brew.

Included in your report will be the breakdown of the following elements within your water:

Calcium (Ca+2)

Magnesium (Mg+2)

Sodium (Na+)

Chloride (Cl-)

Sulphate (SO4-2)

Alkalinity (CaCO3)



Total Hardness (CaCO3)

The water report we are offering includes the vital Sodium count, which is incredibly important to understand when brewing certain styles of beer.

Expect approximately 2 weeks turn around for your report to be generated and emailed to you.

After receiving your report you will be able to make use of the specific chemicals we offer to adjust your water, according to the style of beer you want to brew.

Using this information you can add in your specific water break down into popular brewing software, such as the Grainfather app.



If you are subscribed to our newsletter and purchase this report  you will also receive a follow up email with a discount code to be used on water treatments.

Full instructions can be downloaded here

Laboratory Submission Form must be included when you post your report, download here

You will receive a copy of both in with your package from The Malt Miller.

Once you have filled your sample bottle, please post back in the included envelope to:

The Laboratory
Murphy & Son
Alpine Street


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