Bitter Sweet Symphony - West Coast Pale - All Grain Kit

Bitter Sweet Symphony – West Coast Pale – All Grain Kit


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West Coast Pale – All Grain Kit

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The re-match of the year! Stiffo and Rakey went head to head once again! The gauntlet was thrown down by Rakey after his crushing defeat in the first match… This time he challenged Stiffo to brew West Coast Pale….

Check out the video for this epic brewday and if you want to catch up on the first part of this pairs confrontations then head here!

The beer in this recipe is an old school version of the style, using crystal malts and wheat to bring body. There’s a layered approach to the hops and additions made through the whole process. Stiffo went for 4 varieties, Azzaca, Centennial, Columbus and Summit!

We recommend that you also consider finings for this beer when it coms to both packaging and in the kettle. You’re aiming for a beer that is bright and deep golden in colour.

In terms of water we used the IPA profile from our Murphy and Sons Advanced Water report. You can have your water tested by Murphy and Sons by following this link

Ingredients Included

Simpsons Malt – Crystal T50
Simpsons Malt – Wheat Malt
Weyermann Munich Malt II
Simpsons Malt – Low Colour Golden Promise
Azacca T90 Pellets (50 packs)
Columbus T90 Pellets (60 packs)
Centennial T90 Pellets (60 packs)
Summit Pellets – BarthHaas® Pure Hop Pellet (70 packs)
OMEGA Yeast – OYL-004 – West Coast Ale I. – BB: 14/08/2023 (1 pack)

Total Grain Bill – 6.4kg


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style Pale Ale
Batch Size: 23
Original Gravity: 1.053
Final Gravity: 1.013
ABV %: 5.2
IBU: 37
Mash efficiency: 80
Brewing equipment:

Temperature °C (Step 1): 68
Length (mins) (Step 1): 60
Temperature °C (Step 2): 75
Length (mins) (Step 2): 10
Temperature °C (Step 3):
Length (mins) (Step 3):
Temperature °C (Step 4):
Length (mins) (Step 4):
Temperature °C (Step 5):
Length (mins) (Step 4):
Mash notes:

Boil time (mins): 60

Hop / kettle additions and timing:

10g Summit @ 60min
10g Summit @ 5min
10g Columbus @ 5min
10g Centennial @ 5min

Whirlpool / hop stand:

25g Summit @ 80c – 20min
25g Columbus @ 80c – 20min
25g Centennial @ 80c – 20min
25g Azacca @ 80c – 20min

Yeast: Omega – OYL-004
Fermentation temperature/steps: 7-10 days at 19c, raise by 2c at final gravity for Diacetyl rest or 2-3 days. Check before moving to dry hop

Secondary additions:

After Diacetyl rest, cool beer to 16c. Draw off trub and yeast from bottom of FV and then add dry hop additions. Leave for 24 hours and then, if possible, rouse hops through bottom of FV by bubbling CO2 up through the hop cone. Leave for a further 24 hours. After this time chill to 4c for cold crash. After first 24 hours of cold crash draw off hop matter from bottom of FV, repeat every 24 hours for 4 days before packaging finished beer. Carbonate to a moderately high level.

Dry Hop Additions

25g Summit
25g Columbus
25g Centennial
25g Azacca


The bitterness on this beer is low, to suit Stiffo’s preferences. You may wish to increase the bitterness to achieve a more balanced beer. To easily do this move the second Summit addition from 5 min to 30 mins. This will move the IBU count to 46 and make the beer more to style.


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