Brew Day – After school packaging kit

This kit contains the vital items that you will need to get started home brewing. Its the perfect kit for someone looking to start out brewing kits or a gift to someone else

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Bottle Rinser Avvinatore - Easily rinse and sanitise bottles

Fill the reservoir with a solution of NO RINSE then simply push the bottle down on the spring loaded pump

Bottle Tree - 50 Bottles

Neatly drain / store up to 50 bottles.

Coopers Amber PET bottles 500ml (Pack of 24)77

These 500ml (approx 1 pint) screw cap amber bottles can be reused many times.

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We frequently get asked by those who attend our Brew School ‘What else do I need to package my beer when I get home?”. As everyone who attend go home not just with brewing knowledge but with their own fermenting bucket with 23 litres of soon to be beer in it.

So we thought we would put together a package of the items that we recommend to those who attend our Brew School.

For those about to attend a Brew School we would recommend you order this in advance of the day and then collect it when you are here to save shipping costs, to do this select collection on shipping options and remember to added a note for the warehouse team.

For those gifting a Brew School experience you could choose to order this for delivery and have something to wrap up prior to the Brew day itself.

Included are:

Hydrometer – this is for taking a reading to know when your beer is ready to package, you then compare the final gravity reading to the original gravity reading that we do on the brew day to find out how strong your beer is.

Stick on thermometer –  you can then add this to your bucket to ensure that you keep it at a constant temperature like your tutor will have discussed with you at Brew School

Chemsan – this is a no rinse sanitiser which you will dilute down 1.5ml per litre of water, you will need to use this on anything your beer is coming into contact with like the insides of the bottles you plan to use

Bottling Stick – this fits onto the end of the tap on your bucket to help measure the beer into your bottles

Brewing Sugar – you’ll need to add 2-2.5g (about half a teaspoon) to each bottle that you fill, this will then carbonate the beer in the bottle, if you want get really precise you can use our calculator here


Optional Items

The following items you can choose to add into the kit by clicking them above:

Bottle Rinser – these are a great time saving tool, you put some diluted Chemsan into the reservoir, then push the bottle down onto the nozzle and it will shoot a shot of sanitiser into your bottle

Bottle Tree – this handy item holds you bottles upside down after you’ve cleaned or sanitised them

Coopers PET Bottles – you might want to take a easy route as you start and PET bottles are great, they’re unused so all you will need to do is sanitise them. Don’t forget once you pour you beer out to wash them and to remove sediment as then you will be able to reused them with ease.

All items included in this bundle of products will be useable as your brewing progresses and is totally upgradeable  should you wish to take the past time further.

We also get asked about which books would we recommend, the two that we talk about mostly during our Brew School lesson are:

CAMRA’s Essential Home Brewing Book – this handy little book covers all aspects of brewing and also contains some excellent beer recipes that we sell kits of.

Brewing Classic Styles – as you progress in your brewing this book is an awesome tool as it will help you understand all the different beers and shows you recipes so you can compare the ingredients to other styles, as well as brew any number of award winning recipes.

Please feel free to add these to the order if you would like these.


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