Brew in the Bag 50l System - Stainless Kettle 2Kw


Brew in the Bag 50l System – Stainless Kettle 2Kw


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50 litre Stainless Steel Brewing System

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Brewing from grain is an extremely rewarding hobby that is multi faceted, brewers can enter the hobby not just for the joy of the end product but the entire process getting there. With this Brew in the Bag  ( BIAB ) set up you can easily brew 23 litres ( 40 pints ) of any beer style you choose, we have hundreds of recipes available to purchase along with blog posts and instructional videos to help along the way.

Whilst there are one pot systems available such as The Grainfather, this set up gives a somewhat more hands on approach giving that real hand crafted appeal to the final product.

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The 304 grade stainless steel kettle including purpose made grain bag, hop filter, dial temperature gauge with brewing parameters, etched volume markings and silicone finished handles that allow the lid to hang on the side. The two piece valve for emptying the vessel is finished with a hose barb for easy emptying to your fermenter

For heating, the included stainless steel 2kw element is mounted within the vessel by means of a Tri – Clamp. This makes it very easy to remove for cleaning. The included Inkbird 308  allows easy control over the different temperature stages during the brewing process, simply drop the temperature sensor into the kettle, plug the element into the Inkbirds hot side and dial in desired temperature. Once the temperature is reached it is maintained, this allows for very simple step mashing when required.

The included flex and 3 pin plug will be need to be connected to the element.

Element Flex and Plug Kit


The 50L Kettle has 2 TC ports with blanking plates.

This package is supplied with 1 x 2KW element which will be sufficient for brewing 23ltr batches.

If you intend to use the larger volume of this kettle and brew bigger batches then we would recommend adding a second element and wiring kit that you would then need to power off a separate circuit in your home to avoid overloading the socket.

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Weight 30 kg
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