Chemclean 2.5kg and Chemsan No Rinse Sanitiser 500ml Pack

Perfect double act, clean and sanitise in two steps in complementing size packaging.

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Cleaning and sanitising in the brewery ideally are treated as two separate steps using the correct product for each. This combination give the user both in container sizes that will compliment, more cleaner is used than sanitiser.

Chemclean 2.5kg

  • A very effective alkaline cleaner
  • Effective on Stainless Steel, soft metals, plastics and glass
  • Excellent results in hard and soft water
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Removes protein soils, stains, carbon and fatty acids

Chemsan 500ml

No Rinse required when used at the recommended dilution which is 1.5ml per 1 litre of water. It is self foaming, this help it stick to the product being sanitised and dry quickly. Can be used on all hard surfaces found in the brewing environment including stainless steel, plastic and glass.


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Weight 1.1 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2836999000


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