Crisp Hana Malt - Floor Malted Barley 25kg

Crisp Hana Malt – Floor Malted Barley 25kg

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Historical Czech pilsner malt brought back to life! Smooth fresh bread flavour, very limited quantities.

Our 25kg sacks can be bought whole or split into five smaller 5kg bags. A bagging charge of £3.00 applies to this service. Sacks (and split bags) can be ordered crushed, uncrushed or finely crushed at no additional charge.

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Crisp Small Batch Series HANA MALT

The Hana variety of barley was first developed and grown in the Hana region of Czech Moravia, an area of Europe long fabled for its high quality malting barley. Hana malt’s early claim fame was that it was made up the mash of the first ever golden blond Pilsner lager, which was created in 1842 by Bavarian brewmaster Josef Groll at the Mesfransky Pivovar (Burgher Brewery) of Plzen in Bohemia.

The subsequent global success of the Pilsner style spawned the planting of Hana barley in many countries around the world. The original 19C Hana is internationally recognised as the classic genetic progenitor of modern top quality brewing barleys.

Crisp have taken just a few Hana seeds and grown them up over successive generations on prime Norfolk malting barley land, harvested them and slowly and carefully steeped, germinated and gently kilned them on their 1870s floor maltings.

Malt is the backbone to any great beer recipe, ensuring you have the best quality freshest malt can really improve your brews.

Our malt comes from the same maltsers that professional breweries use. All of our malt is purchased whole/uncrushed, which ensures that it retains the correct moisture levels as the maltster intended.

When you order malt from The Malt Miller we offer it crush fresh, or whole so you can crush it fresh at home using your own mill, or fine crushed for Brew In A Bag brewing. When we crush it for you it is done only when ordered, this ensures you can be sure of freshness and also receive the correct mix of big and small particles.

Your can order malt in 25kg sacks where we also offer the option to have it bagged in 5x5kg, by weight starting at 50g, or by building your own recipe on our Recipe Generator by the exact gram.

If you wish to learn more about malt be sure to visit our Brew With Us online resource and our YouTube Channel for lots of brewing content.

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Weight 27 kg


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1 x 25kg, 5 x 5kg

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1 review for Crisp Hana Malt – Floor Malted Barley 25kg

  1. Stuart Evans (verified owner)

    I used this as the base malt for all of my home Mocktoberfest beers (Marzen, Bohemian Pilsner, Festbier, Vienna Lager, Schwarzbier & Kellerbier) absolutely banging. Added a rustic and characterful element to all of the beers, but also paired well with the various Vienna, Munich & speciality malts I used. I used a stepped mash and found it to be a convertible as most other base malts. One of the best malts I’ve brewed with.

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