Crisp Hana Malt – Floor Malted Barley

This first harvest is just 14 tons and at The Malt Miller we have just 1000kgs

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Crisp Small Batch Series HANA MALT

The Hana variety of barley was first developed and grown in the Hana region of Czech Moravia, an area of Europe long fabled for its high quality malting barley. Hana malt’s early claim fame was that it was made up the mash of the first ever golden blond Pilsner lager, which was created in 1842 by Bavarian brewmaster Josef Groll at the Mesfransky Pivovar (Burgher Brewery) of Plzen in Bohemia.


The subsequent global success of the Pilsner style spawned the planting of Hana barley in many countries around the world. The original 19C Hana is internationally recognised as the classic genetic progenitor of modern top quality brewing barleys.



Crisp have taken just a few Hana seeds and grown them up over successive generations on prime Norfolk malting barley land, harvested them and slowly and carefully steeped, germinated and gently kilned them on their 1870s floor maltings.

This first harvest is just 14 tons and at The Malt Miller we have just 1000kgs. From the malt you will notice flavours of freshly baked bread with subtle malty notes producing clean, smooth, sweet wort.

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