Dupont Saison Clone

Dupont Saison Clone

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A saison modelled on the classic Dupont Saison. This beer shows fruity esters with floral grassy notes, very typical of this style of beer.

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A saison modelled on the classic Dupont Saison, often referred to as the ultimate reference saison that shows how awesome this style can be. This copper-blond beer yields amazingly delicate aromas paired with a pronounced hop-bitterness.

We would highly recommend you get hold of this beer to drink, and then attempt to brew it yourself, with our recipe kit we think we’ve got as close as you can get without going to the brewery for their house yeast and well water.

Please be aware that this beer uses the Wyeast 3724 strain which is renowned for stalling, so make sure you follow the Wyeast instructions to ensure complete attenuation. Further details on the yeast can be found on the Wyeast site here;


Ingredients Included

Weyermann® Vienna Malt
Weyermann® Premiere Pilsner Malt
Weyermann® Munich Malt I
Weyermann® CaraMunich® type 1
Crisp Pale Wheat Malt
Celeia (Styrian Goldings) Pellets (14 grams)
East Kent Goldings ( GOLDINGS ) Pellets (28 grams)
Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison.  (1 packs)


Beer Style (main): Belgian/French Ales
Beer Style (sub): Classic French & Belgian-Style Saison
Batch Size: 19L
Original Gravity: 1065
Final Gravity: 1012
ABV %: 6.5
IBU: 28

Temperature °C: 66
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 60

Additions and timing:

28 g East Kent Goldings pellets at 60 minutes
14 g Celeia (Styrian Goldings) pellets at 5 minutes

Secondary additions and timing:


Yeast: Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison
Fermentation temperature/steps: Pitch at 27c allow to ferment as yeast instructions for 10 days. Move to secondary or dump yeast from conical then 2 weeks until all signs of fermentation has finished before bottling.


A saison modelled on the classic Dupont Saison. This beer shows fruity esters with floral grassy notes, very typical of this style of beer.

A lower mash temperature 63°C would assure a very dry finish, typical of this style of very food-friendly beer.

Condition beer for minimum of 10 days in bottles at room temperature.


Note: Total grain bill is 5694g

Additional information

Weight 6.486 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 21069092

3 reviews for Dupont Saison Clone

  1. Paul Flynn (verified owner)

    Makes a very refreshing, drinkable beer. Has a slight hazy golden orange colour and a tart taste typical of the style, with citrusy notes of lemon and apple. A definite make again

  2. christopher thompson (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this beer, in fact I would say it’s my favourite homebrew to date. Extremely drinkable and full of flavour. I have just kegged my second batch of it

    I would recommend going onto the yeast manufacturers website for more info, this yeast is known to get stuck so don’t expect a short fermentation period. Mine took 3 weeks ending at 32 degrees

    Fully recommend

  3. David Anthony Evans (verified owner)

    I brewed this, got it slightly wrong. The ABV was less than planned. But, wow, what a stunning Ale. Just sooo flavoursome, and goes well with wholesome food. I bottled mine, and used 2 carbonation drops per 500ml. It resulted in a perfectly carbonated swirling beer. I have bought a beer in Morrisons for £5 a bottle. Honestly, this one is better than that one. Love ❤️ the maltmillers choices 👌

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