EasyDens by Anton Paar - Bluetooth Density Meter

EasyDens by Anton Paar – Bluetooth Density Meter

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Calculate gravity at any point of the brewing process with just a 2ml sample. Simple to use and clean.

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EasyDens determines your wort’s extract content, the sugar content in your home-produced fruit juices, and the alcohol content in spirits with no sugar added. Use it to monitor the fermentation process of your beer, wine, and spirits via a daily measurement of apparent extract or sugar from a 2 mL sample. Download the free app to track the fermentation from your smartphone and easily assess the time for bottling. Results are displayed and stored on your smartphone, ready for export to a PC/Mac.

Consistency for your handcrafted creations

  • By monitoring the fermentation of your beverage so you can track the progress on your smartphone, EasyDens helps you ensure your outcomes are consistent.
  • For beer brewers: EasyDens calculates alcohol content from the measured °Plato/specific gravity results.
  • Gain insights and enhance your production skills by seeing the impact of your raw materials and production process on the measured results.
  • Several units of measurement are available for your:
    • Beer (specific gravity, °Plato).
    • Wine (°Brix, °KMW, °Oechsle, °Baumé, °Babo, g/L sugar concentration).
    • Alcohol (% v/v, % w/w, °Proof).
  • This one device covers the entire measuring range needed to produce your handcrafted product.

EasyDens for easy results

  • Concentration values are already temperature-corrected, so you need no further calculations or correction tables.
  • Measurements take less than one minute, including filling and cleaning.
  • You can clean, calibrate, and re-adjust EasyDens yourself, you just need deionized water.
  • Measurement data can be saved and exported from the EasyDens app for further processing on your PC/Mac.
  • EasyDens only needs 2 mL of sample for testing.

Technology from the market leader

  • The heart of EasyDens is its measuring cell, a handcrafted, high-precision glass component which delivers the most accurate results.
  • EasyDens is based on the renowned oscillating U-tube principle, which is also applied in the world’s most accurate density meter, DMA 5000 M.
  • The new design comes with IP65 protection.
  • Download the free smartphone app (for Android or iOS).
  • Data exchange between EasyDens and your smartphone is carried out via Bluetooth Low Energy.

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1 review for EasyDens by Anton Paar – Bluetooth Density Meter

  1. liam.burford (verified owner)

    Well……what an amazing piece of kit. It’s like having a lab in my kitchen! Plug and play and spot on with the gravity measurements. SO easy to use and the app is perfect. Even better…..when combined with the (inferior) Smartref it becomes an alcohol meter…. which needs no original gravity. It’s a lot of fun testing commercial beer stated ABV. Most (?!) agree…. although designed haze seems to confuse the calculation which can be compensated for manually. Great to see a high end supplier venturing into providing affordable kit for non- commercial brewers. Next up….please can we have affordable DO and CO2 meters?!

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