Elusive Brewing – Oregon Trail – IPA

All grain recipe kit for Elusive Brewing Oregon Trail West Coast IPA. Brew this award winning beer yourself at home thanks to Andy Parker kindly sharing his recipe with the home brew community.

Don’t forget to select which yeast you want to come with this kit!

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WHC LAX Liquid Yeast BB: 31/07/2022

A clean versatile strain isolated from a famous west coast microbrewery. With little ester production, it allows New World Hops to take center stage.

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LALLEMAND BRY-97 American West Coast Yeast - 11g

Neutral strain with a high flocculation ability that can be used to make a wide variety of American-style beers.

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This is the all grain recipe kit from Elusive Brewing for their award winning west coast IPA Oregon Trail.

The overwhelming love for this beer has resulted in it not being a one off brew and it now continues to be a regular treat to be able to grab hold of cans of this his beautiful smasher from Elusive.

Don’t forget to select which yeast you want to come with this kit!


Ingredients Included

Simpsons Low Colour Maris Otter
Simpsons Malted Rye
Simpsons Crystal T50

TOTAL Grain Bill 5.145 KG

Magnum Pellets (25 grams)
Chinook Pellets (53 grams)
Citra Pellets (60 grams)
Simcoe Pellets (60 grams)
Columbus Pellets (60 grams)
Mosaic Pellets (20 grams)


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style India Pale Ale
Batch Size: 20L
Original Gravity: 1.054
Final Gravity: 1.010
ABV %: 5.8%
IBU: 61.6

Temperature °C: 65
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C: 75
Out time (mins): 10

Boil time (mins): 90 minute

Additions and timing:

60m – 25g Magnum
15m – 12.5g Chinook
5m – 20g Chinook
Whirlpool – 60g Citra
Whirlpool – 20g Chinook

Secondary additions and timing:

Dry Hop Additions – add once fermentation completed – keep contact time to no more than 3 days.

60g Simcoe
60 Columbus
20g Mosaic

Yeast: choose above from WHC LAX or Bry97 – You choose which to add to your kit above
Fermentation temperature/steps: Pitch at 18c and ferment until completed


The award winning west coast IPA from Elusive Brewing is now here as an all grain recipe kit for your brewing pleasure thanks to the kindness of Andy Parker.

Think piney, resinous, sticky caramel, just such a classic beer that does itself proud in representing this awesome beer style.

You will want to give this time to clear and condition properly before enjoying this one.

Choose from either liquid yeast or dry yeast to be added to your kit, although Andy does use WHC Lax when he brews this beautiful beer.

Additional information

Weight 5.423 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853

WHC LAX Liquid Yeast BB: 31/07/2022

Weight 0.750 kg

LALLEMAND BRY-97 American West Coast Yeast - 11g

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