Fresh Wort Beer Kit - Equipment Starter Bundle


Fresh Wort Beer Kit – Equipment Starter Bundle


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Effortlessly brew commercial quality beer beer at home using our Fresh Wort kits and this easily manageable equipment. Bottle your beer and share with friends.

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Designed to make fermenting and bottling our Fresh Wort Kits as simple as possible. This equipment bundle will allow the brewer to sanitise, ferment and bottle 20 litre batches. When not in use the items simple store within the fermenter.

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Equipment Included:

30L Fermenting Bucket with holes cut for tap and airlock

Tap with sediment trap and bottling stick


Chemsan No Rinse sanitiser 100ml


48 x 500ml PET bottles with screw lids – Reusable for many batches.

All items included in this bundle of products will be useable as your brewing progresses and is totally upgradeable  should you wish to take the past time further.


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