TMM Malted Toasted Wheat Flakes

TMM Malted Toasted Wheat Flakes

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Uncrushed and ready to use. Tastes like toasted nuts or Shreddies. Can be used in a variety of beers, From New England to a Traditional Witbier or Hefeweizen

Malts are sold by the gram in 50g multiples.  There is no minimum order, but please note a bagging charge will be applied for quantities weighing less than 1000g.  When ordering, please enter the number of grams you would like (e.g. 1kg = 1000g).

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Top quality malt for home brewing from The Malt Miller

Great home brew begins with great quality ingredients, prepared with care. We’re proud to offer a full range of malts prepared to meet all your needs. All our malt is milled in house for maximum freshness, and crushed directly into our bags so you get one hundred percent of the grain.

  • Order from our full range of malts with your choice of maltster and crush size (including uncrushed) from as little as 50g and in 50g increments. We mill and package your malts individually so you can be sure of ultimate freshness and quality.
  • You can also order malt through our Recipe Generator to get exact weights crushed to order, combined into single bags for extra convenience (uncrushed malts are bagged individually to help you mill at home).
  • Our pre-weighed malts are a great value option for the malts you use every time. Covering a core range of malts that every home brewer needs, we mill batches of each malt in the range ahead of time and pass the saving on to you. We produce small quantities at regular intervals to keep our stock fresh and ready for you to use!

We’re obsessed with milling malt! The sweet spot of milling is different for each individual type of malt and even different harvests. We continuously calibrate and adjust our mills to dial in the perfect proportion of kernel, flour, and husk for every malt in every bag we prepare.

Visit The Malt Miller YouTube channel to learn more about milling as well as loads of other great guides, tips, reviews, and general home brew awesomeness!

Which crush size should I choose?

Our standard crush level delivers best results in all brewing situations. Our fine crush gives increased efficiency at higher liquor to grain ratios such as in Brew In A Bag (BIAB) and no-sparge brewing.


Working with one of the UK’s largest producers of cereal based products we have sourced a wider range of products for use during brewing.

Malted Toasted Wheat Flakes, can be used in a variety of beers, From New England to a Traditional Witbier or Hefeweizen, will prove to be a great addition to the recipe. Malted Toasted Wheat Flakes added directly to the Mash Tun, will contribute to the overall sugar content of the wort. When used in rates up to 10% of the grist, Toasted Wheat Flakes will improve foam formation and stability of the beer, as well as contribute to a fuller body and smoother mouthfeel. For obtaining a distinct wheat flavour and haziness the rate should go up to 40% of the grain bill.


There is no need to select a crush on flaked wheat as we will always provide these whole and uncrushed.

Its is recommended to add an amount of oat husks to your grain bill to allow for better flow and prevent the risk of a stuck sparge when using at a high rate of the grist.

Malt is the backbone to any great beer recipe, ensuring you have the best quality freshest malt can really improve your brews.

Our malt comes from the same maltsers that professional breweries use. All of our malt is purchased whole/uncrushed, which ensures that it retains the correct moisture levels as the maltster intended.

When you order malt from The Malt Miller we offer it crush fresh, or whole so you can crush it fresh at home using your own mill, or fine crushed for Brew In A Bag brewing. When we crush it for you it is done only when ordered, this ensures you can be sure of freshness and also receive the correct mix of big and small particles.

Your can order malt in 25kg sacks where we also offer the option to have it bagged in 5x5kg, by weight starting at 50g, or by building your own recipe on our Recipe Generator by the exact gram.

If you wish to learn more about malt be sure to visit our Brew With Us online resource and our YouTube Channel for lots of brewing content.

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