Mini Mash Home brew Equipment Starter Kit

Mini Mash Home brew Equipment Starter Kit


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A mini mash starter set with kettle, thermometer, hydrometer, trial jar and mash paddle

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This equipment starter kit is great for anyone wishing to start home brewing with our Mini Mash kits it comprises :-

1 x 12 litre 304 Stainless steel brew kettle with valve, for emptying, hop filter and temperature dial. This is a high quality product that will be of further use as your brewing hobby expands.

1 x Hydrometer to test your starting and finishing specific gravity.

1 x trial Jar to take hydrometer readings

1 x  500g Sodium Percarbonate Cleaner

1 x  thermometer to make sure you know the temperature of your mash.

1 x Spoon for stirring and aeration.

3 x hop socks for hops and soaking the grain.


We would also recommend a fermenting bucket

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Weight 2 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 1901901900


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