Muntons - Munich Malt

Muntons – Munich Malt

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Provides rich malty flavours and aromas. Will raise the malt profile without too much colour, giving fuller body and rich toasted, biscuit and bready flavours

Malts are sold by the gram in 50g multiples.  There is no minimum order, but please note a bagging charge will be applied for quantities weighing less than 1000g.  When ordering, please enter the number of grams you would like (e.g. 1kg = 1000g).

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Munich malts originated in Germany, historically used in bocks and dark lagers, although they are now proving a popular addition in a wide variety of craft beers. These are highly kilned malts which have some residual enzymes. 

Munich malts provide rich malty flavours and aromas. They will raise the malt profile in beer without adding too much colour.


Suitable for any beer giving fuller body and rich toasted, biscuit and bready flavours.

Muntons Munich Malt
Muntons Pale Malt - Propino

Muntons have been a leading supplier of brewing and distilling malts and malted ingredients to the food & drinks industry.

Our malts are used in the brewing and distilling industry by globally recognised brands and by the craft brewer seeking something a little different.

Our ranges of malt products are extensive and particularly relevant for food and drinks
manufacturers seeking clean label, plant-based ingredients.

Sustainability is the common objective that links all aspects of Muntons business activities. Our objective is to minimise the impact of our business activity on the environment wherever and whenever possible.

Malt is the backbone to any great beer recipe, ensuring you have the best quality freshest malt can really improve your brews.

Our malt comes from the same maltsers that professional breweries use. All of our malt is purchased whole/uncrushed, which ensures that it retains the correct moisture levels as the maltster intended.

When you order malt from The Malt Miller we offer it crush fresh, or whole so you can crush it fresh at home using your own mill, or fine crushed for Brew In A Bag brewing. When we crush it for you it is done only when ordered, this ensures you can be sure of freshness and also receive the correct mix of big and small particles.

Your can order malt in 25kg sacks where we also offer the option to have it bagged in 5x5kg, by weight starting at 50g, or by building your own recipe on our Recipe Generator by the exact gram.

If you wish to learn more about malt be sure to visit our Brew With Us online resource and our YouTube Channel for lots of brewing content.

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