NBS Ale Yeast 12g

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Very neutral English style ale yeast that lets both the hops and malts shine through.

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Very neutral English style ale yeast that lets both the hops and malts shine through with very little fruity ester production especially at lower temperatures. Quick fermentation and very flocculent, ideal for bottle conditioning.

Each pack is vac sealed in foil for freshness.

Temperature range 15′-20’c. Will ferment higher but with more ester production.

1 x 12g pack per 23 litres ( 40 pints )

Yeast can be sprinkled onto the top of wort or if a faster start is required add yeast to 10 x its weight in warm water (30-35c) or wort, leave for about 15 minutes then pitch into wort at a similar temperature.

Ingredients: Yeast, emulsifier (E491)

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Weight 0.020 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2102101090

3 reviews for NBS Ale Yeast 12g

  1. Martin Thompson (verified owner)

    I thought might be risky using an unknown brand yeast (to me). Pitched dry into a Wee Heavy 1.074. Predicted FG was 1.015 but hit 1,013 at 18C in 6 days, bottled on 7th. Great flocculation and not intrusive flavour.Gave 4 stars as want to try with lower OG ales before fully committing tp 5 stars!

  2. David Dunlop (verified owner)

    Have used this ale yeast twice most recently in a hoppy session pale ale. Re-hydrated the yeast first using the John Palmer method and the results where really clean and the Styrian Wolf hops where able to shine through. Ferments fairly quickly and flocculation and attenuation are high. Best dried yeast I’ve found for clean low ABV brews.

  3. Russell Hatch (verified owner)

    Marvellous stuff. Use it for almost everything. ABV’s 5.6 to 6.5 usually finish in the range .004-7. Very clean allows the malt & hops to speak for themselves. I intend to modify my mashing regime to finish a little higher. Always hydrate with the 1st runnings so it has about 2 hrs before pitching.
    Sometimes ferments with wild abandon, a recent Elderflower IPA 6%, 60 litres in a 100 litre vessel tried to escape!!

    Definitely a keeper.

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