RAPT - Bluetooth Thermometer -20 to 300C - 20cm HTC Probe

RAPT – Bluetooth Thermometer -20 to 300C – 20cm HTC Probe


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Add a further temperature sensor to the Brewzilla Gen 4 and RAPT Temperature Controllers

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RAPT – Bluetooth Thermometer -20 to 300C – 20cm HTC Probe

This low energy RAPT enabled Bluetooth Thermometer is compatible with the Gen 4 BrewZillas and RAPT Temperature Controllers and RAPT Fermentation Chambers. It will not work without one or more of the devices listed above.

By receiving multiple BLE thermometer sensors the BrewZilla can make smarter and more automated decisions on how to control the brewing or distillilation process.  For example a BLE thermometer can be placed into your coolant water so you get an alarm if the temperature is too high, a BLE thermometer can be put into the middle of the malt pipe so you can more accurately control elements switching on/off to achieve a core malt pipe temperature etc.

RAPT Connectivity
The new Bluetooth thermometer can connect up to your BrewZilla Gen 4, RAPT Temperature Controller, RAPT Fermentation Chamber and log that temperature data and manipulate fermentation/brewing and distillation profiles in the RAPT Portal (https://app.rapt.io/).  This greatly reduces the need for handwritten records of your brew day as it’s all done automatically.  The RAPT portal also allows you to see every brew you have done in the past with logged temperatures from the main units probe and this digital thermometer. This unit can also be setup to get push notifications to your mobile phone of when to sparge for example.
Along with this ease of access and control. The RAPT BrewZilla will also allow you to fully customise your brewday with profiles specifically tuned to your style of brewing or your recipe.
For example, you could set up step mash profiles using the core temperature of your mash instead of the cavity below where the probe is.
Greater accuracy for a more repeatable recipe that results in much better beer!

20cm Probe Length with sharp tip~ Please remove the black plastic tip before use. That is for storage to avoid punctures / injury.
100cm Cable Length
Magnetised Backing Plate (Orange)
2 x AAA Batteries (included)

RAPT – Bluetooth Thermometer Instructions

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