Simpsons Malt - Dextrin Malt

Simpsons Malt – Dextrin Malt

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Foam and body enhancer. Neutral flavour.

Malts are sold by the gram in 50g multiples.  There is no minimum order, but please note a bagging charge will be applied for quantities weighing less than 1000g.  When ordering, please enter the number of grams you would like (e.g. 1kg = 1000g).

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Adds body to beers.

Beer Styles:
Dark, Mild and Sweet Stout
Malt Flavour:
Mouthfeel and Foam
Up to 5% to Improve Mouthfeel and Foam Stability in any Beer 10–20% in Dark Mild and Sweet Stout

A handy little tool to keep up your sleeve, Dextrin Malt can be used sparingly to add body, mouthfeel and foam stability to any beer. Particularly useful in very light, hop forward IPAs to balance bitterness, it’s great in lower attenuated sweet beers, such as Mild and Sweet Stout.


At Simpsons Malt we understand that to make the best beers and the best whiskies, you need the best malts.


We only ever use the finest UK two-row barley, grown from quality, certified seeds.

And because we use certified seeds, the pure grain in each of our sought-after malts is of consistently high quality.

Whether you’re a brewer, looking to add a certain special something to a new and innovative beer, or you’re a distiller on the hunt for an infinitely complex and subtle taste, Simpsons Malt has the experience and the expertise to guide you to the perfect malt to meet your needs.

“ At Russian River we use multiple types of Simpsons Malt. They have a depth of flavour that enhances the mouthfeel on our beers, especially those that are lower in alcohol. Simpsons Malt have some of my favourite malts to brew with.”

Vinnie Cilurzo, Owner/Brewer, Russian River Brewing Company

Simpsons Malt

Since 1862, when James Parker Simpson founded his first maltings in Alnwick, Northumberland, Simpsons Malt has been a family business. Today, the 5th generation drives the brand forward, together with father, Simon Simpson OBE. And, as an independent, family-run business we invest in those areas of the business where we see room for improvement or innovation.

Simpsons Malt operates two maltings in the United Kingdom, which combine to produce more than 250,000 tonnes of malt per year that is delivered across the globe.

Both maltings are strategically located in prime barley growing regions in the north and south of the country and serve our diverse range of customers in the distilling, brewing and food industries.

Whether you’re a brewer looking to add a certain special something to a new and innovative beer, or a distiller on the hunt for an infinitely complex and subtle taste, as specialist malt suppliers we’ve got the perfect range of malts to meet your needs.

Our malts are renowned for their exceptional taste and flavour, with the care and attention-to-detail we display during our processes helping to craft high-quality malts for some of the world’s best brewers and distillers.

But that care doesn’t just start when the grains of barley arrive at our malting sites. With an agricultural merchanting division, McCreath Simpson & Prentice (MSP), built into the business, it starts right back with seed supply and production at our seed plant.

Malting Barley at Simpsons

Malt is the backbone to any great beer recipe, ensuring you have the best quality freshest malt can really improve your brews.

Our malt comes from the same maltsers that professional breweries use. All of our malt is purchased whole/uncrushed, which ensures that it retains the correct moisture levels as the maltster intended.

When you order malt from The Malt Miller we offer it crush fresh, or whole so you can crush it fresh at home using your own mill, or fine crushed for Brew In A Bag brewing. When we crush it for you it is done only when ordered, this ensures you can be sure of freshness and also receive the correct mix of big and small particles.

Your can order malt in 25kg sacks where we also offer the option to have it bagged in 5x5kg, by weight starting at 50g, or by building your own recipe on our Recipe Generator by the exact gram.

If you wish to learn more about malt be sure to visit our Brew With Us online resource and our YouTube Channel for lots of brewing content.

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