Sodium Bicarbonate 100g

Sodium Bicarbonate 100g


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Sodium Bicarbonate is used to increase carbonate levels and to adjust pH.

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Sodium Bicarbonate is a salt used to increase the mineral content of brewing liquor to improve its brewing quality and produce the desired beer characteristics


• Increases alkalinity for dark beers such as milds, porters and stouts.

• Balances pH reducing effects of dark grains in soft water areas.

• Increases wort pH.

The objective of liquor treatment is to convert your water supply into acceptable brewing liquor.

Treating your brewing liquor is vitally important. When applied correctly all the steps throughout the brewing process will be at the optimum pH. If it is applied incorrectly you will get poor extract and beer that is difficult to clarify.

Sodium Bicarbonate alkalinity which is useful for dark beers such as milds, stouts and porters to balance the pH decreasing effect of dark grains without increasing the calcium content.

Application and rates of use

Sodium Bicarbonate is normally added to the grist prior to mashing.

Sodium Bicarbonate should NOT be added to the hot liquor tank (HLT), as some constituents are insoluble. They will remain in the hot liquor tank as opposed to being released into the grist, thus requiring the HLT to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Rates of Sodium Bicarbonate should be determined based on the final brew-length and are dependant on the levels of calcium and alkalinity in your untreated liquor.

Levels of the relevant ions present in your liquor can be obtained from your Local Water Authority.

Please note Local Authority reports can provide results that are not up to date and this may affect your calculations for ideal dosage rates. It is advisable to check the analysis of your water at least once a year, or on a more regular basis if the supply changes.

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