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Sodium Metabisulphate is the powdered form of Campden tablets


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Sodium Metabisulphate is the powdered form of Campden tablets. It is mainly used in beer making to remove chlorine or chloramine from water, this improves the flavour of the final product. Add 0.5g to 25 litres to treat water for chlorine

Sold in resealable foil bags.

Instructions for use;

Sodium Metabisulphite can be used in two ways, either as a sanitiser or as an antioxidant to stabilise and preserve your beer or wine.

We don’t recommend using it as a steriliser though and would point you in the direction of our NBS No Rinse (SKU: CHE-02-001) product.


To use as an antioxidant.


0.116g per litre
0.44g per US gallon (3.8 litres)
2.2g per 5 US Gallons (19 litres)

To use as a steriliser.

Dissolve 15g per litre in warm water. The equipment to be sterilised needs to be immersed in the solution for a period of at least 10 minutes.


Safety instructions.

Skin contact:
Wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.

Eye contact:
Bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes.

Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. If conscious, give half a litre of water to drink immediately. Transfer to hospital as soon as possible.

Remove casualty from exposure ensuring one’s own safety whilst doing so. Consult a doctor.



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