100cm Silicone Dip Tube Kit with Filter and Float

100cm Silicone Dip Tube Kit with Filter and Float

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Compatible with kegs and pressure rated fermenters.

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This simple design allows you to extract the clearest possible liquid in your pressure vessel with the added security of our new filter included. This helps prevent blockages in your carbonation cap poppet. As the liquid level decreases the float goes down at the same time. Perfect for sampling the sediment free!

Connect to the underside of your liquid post on any keg or pressure fermenter

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5 reviews for 100cm Silicone Dip Tube Kit with Filter and Float

  1. knold (verified owner)

    It’s good but the supplied tubing should be one size bigger. It’s impossible to get the tube over the dip pipe with one hand inside the keg.

    • Robert Neale

      Hello, The tubing fits perfectly inside the tube not over the top, makes it much easier;)

  2. James Wilson (verified owner)

    I’ve used this when fermenting in a corny keg. After fermentation, dry hopping and a cold crash I can transfer only beer to the serving keg under CO2 pressure. No hops, no trub transferred.

    I should add that I used 6.5mm ID silicon tube attached to a gas dip tube.

  3. Jan Rowley (verified owner)

    Really pleased with this, I’m buying another for my second keg. I found it easy enough to fit after stretching the silicone a bit by fitting it to the stainless steel gas dip tube outside the keg first. After that it went on again much more easily once inside the keg.

  4. Jim Bailey (verified owner)

    Seems obvious now, but be sure to fill the tube with liquid before you connect to shortened beer out tube and small tube under float. Simple physics but I pulled a lot of CO2 from the floating tube before I realised. Also no issues fitting tubing over either bit – maybe they have increased the size in response to other reviewers?

  5. DavidAJack83

    I’m looking to replace the tubing. Can someone tell me what thickness it is?

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