Stainless Steel Tap ( Faucet )

Simple to use, simple to clean and above all a joy to use

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Simple to use, simple to clean and above all a joy to use. This stainless steel tap is very flexible in that it can be used on a tower with a short shank, a kegerator with a long shank or for mobile dispense used in conjunction with a tap shank adapter. It can even be used with our flow control shank easily giving different pouring possibilities.

Full disassembly is easily possible without tools making it a breeze to keep clean.

Works in conjunction with all of our tap shanks making it a truly all round duty tap within your dispense set up.

Tap handles are available separately:-

Round, slender, chrome plated brass

Easily disassembles for cleaning, no tools required
Used in conjunction with a shank adapter for mobile dispense

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