Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler - Extension tube 2m

Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler – Extension tube 2m


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Extension for use with Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler. Allows use of Tapcooler on taps with restricted space, such as kegerator towers.

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The extension tube gives more flexibility if the space under the tap is limited, i.e. if the tap is installed in a beer tower.

The extension tube is intalled between the tap connector and the Counter Pressure Bottle Filler. Unscrew the tap connector from the filler body using a coin, leaving the seal in the filler body. Screw the tap connector into the female end of the extension tube, with the included seal between the parts. Screw the male end of the extension tube into the filler body.

Only for use with forward sealing beer taps; Vent-matic, Perlick or Intertap

Use only for filling beer into glass bottles

Use protective eyewear. Bottles may break when pressurised.

Tapcooler Counter Pressure Filler not included, sold separately.

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HS Code 3917390099


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