Warminster x Utopian – Czech Style Lager Malt

This malt has been developed exclusively for Utopian Brewing in Devon – Warminster take a British grown malt and floor malt this in the style of a Czech malt, developing characteristics to impart a full body, golden-blond colour.

EBC: 2.5

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EBC 3.5

This malt has been developed exclusively for Utopian Brewing in Devon, and we’re proud to be able to now offer this exclusively to home brewers.

Utopian Brewing focus on brewing high quality lager using British ingredients, taking traditional methods and processes, to create modern interpretations that are heavily influenced by the best traditional German and Czech lagers in the world. This malt is used across all of the beers brewed by Utopian as their base malt and suits all styles of lager recipe.

This ‘floor malted’ Czech Lager malt from Warminster Maltings Ltd is made from Laureate Spring Barley, ever so slightly under-modified, and lightly cured on the kiln so as to produce a particularly low colour malt, equal to the Pilsner Malts from the Czech Republic.
When using this malt the brewer has to focus on their skills and technique in the brewing process, a highly skilled brewer will then be able to develop their own unique characteristics to their brew to impart body and levels of golden-blond colour to the beer.

Warminster Maltings, Britain’s oldest working maltings

Situated in the Wiltshire town of the same name, on the western tip of Salisbury Plain, the Pound Street maltings has been continuously making malt for the brewing industry since 1855. Not only that, in defiance of all the 20th century technology which completely overwhelmed the malting industry in the 1960’s, Warminster Malt is still made the traditional way, by hand, on floors, almost totally unchanged from the day the maltings was originally commissioned.

Presided over by Head Maltster, this gentle, natural process prevails today because it is now widely acknowledged that this method produces a superior product particularly suited to the Craft Brewing and Craft Distilling sector.

The current owner, the Hampshire based barley merchant Robin Appel, has, over the last 18 years, undertaken extensive restoration of the Listed Grade 2* complex as well as renewing or upgrading all the engineering. So it is not for no good reason that the staff at the maltings have been dubbed by their customers, and are now universally acclaimed ‘The Malt-stars of Warminster’!

Malt has been made forever, by hand, on floors, a perfectly natural, albeit labour intensive method. But by the mid 20th century, advanced technology brought about the industrialisation of both malting as well as brewing.

But in 1971, with the advent of CAMRA, then, in 2002, with the introduction of Progressive Beer Duty, the market opened up to small independent brewers. The ensuing demand for ‘Real Ale’ has brought about a renaissance in brewing. With this, understandably, a demand for ‘Real Malt’(traditional malt) has followed.

The broad principles of Traditional Malt:

  • Steeping in open water vessels over 72 hours  to raise the moisture level in the grain to well above 32% at which germination is precipitated.
  • Controlled germination, on floors, for approximately 5 days when the modification of the ‘green malt’ from starch to maltose is managed courtesy of hand operated tools.
  • Rapid transfer of the ‘green malt’ to the kiln to be dried and cured down to a long term storage moisture of just 4%.

At Warminster Maltings the whole process is conducted within the ambient temperatures of the malt floors, regulated by the opening and closing of the non-glazed windows spaced all along their length. It is a very natural process which allows the individual batches of barley to express themselves to the optimum. This emphasises the character of the malt, and creates the maximum extracts for the brewer.

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