For use at a rate of up to 100% in all lager styles.

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Barke once enjoyed the highest reputation among German brewers and was the most widely used barley variety given the authentic and highly aromatic beers that can be produced with this type of malt. The yield of barley is indeed lower by about 20% than with current varieties, but that is no reason for Weyermann® Specialty Malts not to back Barke®. For Barke® brings with it the best conditions for an intense malt taste in the beer, a full-bodied flavor and good head.

Produced from quality two-row spring barley Barke®. Full bodied, golden coloured smooth tasting beers. Imparts malty notes to finished beer. Intended for ales and lagers.

Flavour intense malty- sweet, gentle notes of honey and nuts (almond, hazelnut)

Beer Styles: Bavarian Dunkel; Festbiere; Maerzenbier; Premium Lagers & Ales; Stout; Vienna Beer Style; all other beer types

For use at a rate of up to 100% in all lager styles.

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