WHC Dried Yeast - Banana Split - 11g Packet

WHC Dried Yeast – Banana Split – 11g Packet


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Produces banana flavour balanced with less dominant aromatics of apple, clove and plum. Crisp finish, raising the temperature can increase banana flavour

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WHC Dried Yeast Banana Split - Wheat

Our dried Hefeweisen strain, unlike other wheat/hefe strains on the market this is non diastatic. Produces high amounts of isoamyl acetate which is perceived as a banana flavour balanced with less dominant aromatics of apple, clove and plum. The esters are more dominant at high temperature and at lower pitches. Leaves a crisp finish, raising the temperature can increase banana flavour.

Origin: Weihenstephan

This is a top cropping ale yeast, that produces a thick krausen. Use of antifoam and/or leaving more head space would be recommended.

Beer Styles

Hefeweissen, Weizenbock, American Wheat, Belgian White, Berliner weiss, Gose, Dunkelweis


Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Comparative Strains:

Weihenstephan, Wyeast 3068, WLP300 Hefeweizen, Mangrove Jacks M20, Safbrew WB-06







ABV Tolerance:


Pitch Rate:

0.5-1g per Litre

About WHC Labs

WHC Lab is a Biotechnology business focused on the brewing/distilling industry, established in 2017. The laboratory boasts best in class laboratory equipment, experts in the brewing and distilling industry and uses next-generation methods to grow brewing/distilling yeast and bacteria. A full range of liquid and dried yeast is available for professional breweries and home brewers alike.

We provide an selection of analysis services, available for all customers trying to maintain a high quality and consistent final product. Our R&D lab is home to industry-leading equipment including our Anton Paar Alcolyzer and density meter as well as QPCR for genetic analysis. Our services offer a large selection of tests including microanalysis PH, IBU, ABV, Congeners, calories, final gravity, colour (EBC) and water/gluten testing.

WHC Lab is proud to propagate fresh, high cell count and quality yeasts. We do so by propagating fresh for orders and integrating stringent quality control throughout our production process. Every pitch of yeast is genetically tested on our QPCR system to ensure that our pitches are free from any contaminating microorganisms and are highly viable and metabolically active.

Brewing Industry

We work closely with 100s of breweries globally to make sure our product is of the absolute highest quality. We can help with strain selection or increasing fermentation performance for new beers or improve old ones. We can help improve any processes within the breweries with a consultation. Our R&D Laboratory can help with keeping your QC within in check for batch releases and screen for any contaminants within the brewery.

Distilling Industry

Interested in any spirit production. We can help with increasing performance within the distillery or developing new products. Whether efficiency, flavour improvement or fermentation improvement is the goal we can help.

We currently offer liquid, cream or dried distillers yeast so we have something for every business.

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