Partial Grain Brewing - Mini Mash

What is partial grain brewing?
Combining grain and malt extract is a great way to brew beer at home, by using both grain and extract you can remove some of the need for lots of equipment that you need for grain brewing whilst also adding the ability to brew a wider range of your own recipes.

You have the ability to use malt extract as the base ingredients and then steep specialist grains separately to then build and add different flavours into your own brews. This is a great way to brew if you are limited on space and time but want the freedom that grain brewing gives you.

Then you can add on top of this the wide range of hops and yeast available to brew pretty much any kind of beer you want. This method of brewing is hugely popular in the US and its also a great way to start learning about the ingredients used in brewing.

We offer a range of tried and tested recipes called Mini Mash to help get your started with this brewing, along with equipment bundles for those who need them. And as with all brewing we are always happy to help to help you should you need some advice, just get in touch with our customer support team.

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