Calcium Hydroxide (Slaked Lime) 250g

Calcium Hydroxide (Slaked Lime) 250g


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Formulated for the brewing, Calcium Hydroxide the go-to solution for optimal water chemistry, enhancing mash efficiency, and ensuring a smoother fermentation

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Slaked lime (calcium hydroxide)

Slaked lime, aka pickling lime or caustic lime, is a powdery white mineral that is highly alkaline.

Specially formulated for the brewing industry, our Calcium Hydroxide is your go-to solution for achieving optimal water chemistry, enhancing mash efficiency, and ensuring a smoother fermentation process.

If you add it when you dough in, it will add both alkalinity and calcium to your liquor, so you can use it to raise your mash pH.

Calcium Hydroxide: Unleashing Flavour Potential

Key Benefits:

  1. pH Stabilization: Achieve the ideal pH levels in your brewing water effortlessly. Brewer’s Choice Calcium Hydroxide helps neutralise acidity, providing a stable foundation for the enzymatic reactions crucial for extracting flavours during mashing.
  2. Water Profile Adjustment: Tailor your water profile to perfection. Our Calcium Hydroxide allows you to adjust the mineral content, ensuring your brewing water aligns with the specific requirements of various beer styles, whether you’re crafting a hop-forward IPA or a malt-driven stout.
  3. Mash Efficiency Boost: Witness a noticeable improvement in mash efficiency. By using our Calcium Hydroxide, you promote the breakdown of starches into fermentable sugars, optimizing the conversion process and maximising the yield of sugars for a more robust and flavourful brew.
  4. Yeast Health and Fermentation: Create an ideal environment for yeast health and fermentation. The controlled pH provided by our Calcium Hydroxide fosters an environment where yeast can thrive, leading to a more vigorous and complete fermentation process.
  5. Consistent Results: Trust in the consistency of your brews. Our Calcium Hydroxide is crafted with precision, ensuring a reliable and uniform performance batch after batch, so you can focus on the art of brewing without worrying about water chemistry variations.
  6. Easy Integration: Add Calcium Hydroxide to your brewing process seamlessly. Its solubility and ease of integration make it a hassle-free addition to your water treatment routine, whether you’re brewing on a small scale or in large production.
  7. Brew with Confidence: Brew with the confidence that comes from using a premium-grade Calcium Hydroxide designed specifically for brewers. Elevate your craft and unlock the full potential of your ingredients with Brewer’s Choice.


The objective of liquor treatment is to convert your water supply into acceptable brewing liquor.

Treating your brewing liquor is vitally important. When applied correctly all the steps throughout the brewing process will be at the optimum pH. If it is applied incorrectly you will get poor extract and beer that is difficult to clarify.

Application and rates of use

1 gram of CaOH2per liter of water contributes:

  • 541 ppm Ca2+
  • 459 ppm OHor 1350 ppm Total Alkalinity as CaCO3.
  • 27 mEq/LAlkalinity as OH.

Levels of the relevant ions present in your liquor can be obtained from your Local Water Authority.

Please note Local Authority reports can provide results that are not up to date and this may affect your calculations for ideal dosage rates. It is advisable to check the analysis of your water at least once a year, or on a more regular basis if the supply changes.

To fully maximise and understand water additions when brewing at home we recommend having your water tested with our Advanced Water Report  by Murphys Lab.

For more information about Water Additions check out our Brew With Us help guides.

We also recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel for lots more brewing information.

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