Can Filling and Automatic Seaming Solution


Can Filling and Automatic Seaming Solution

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Effortlessly fill and seam 330, 440 and 500ml cans in just a couple of seconds.

330ML Crown Aluminium Cans x 230

Black 440ml Aluminium Cans inc. Lids x 230

Black 500ml Aluminium Cans inc. Lids x 190

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Amaze your friends and family when you share your home brewed beer, cider or cocktails in cans! 

The combination of the Duofiller Automatic Can Filler and our Automatic Can Seamer allows the user to easily fill and seam 330, 440 and 500ml cans in a quick and professional fashion


Our automatic can seamer effortlessly seams 330, 440 and 500ml cans in just a couple of seconds. Simply place the can on the bottom table and simply hit the go button, the machine will then automatically seam the can before lowering it ready for retrieval . You are then able to admire the glory of drinking and sharing your home brew, from a can!

Set up and ready to go out of the box for CDL/ISE cans and lids. The biggest manufacturer is Crown, these are the cans that The Malt Miller stocks.

The heavy duty, powder coated steel chassis houses the electronics and mechanics of the seamer. The exterior is black powder coated steel for durability and allows the machine to be wiped down after use. Neat, blue LED’s within the seaming head light the whole process giving a quality feel. The sleek LED screen houses the green “GO” and red “STOP” button and also has a handy counter function enabling the user to know exactly how many cans have been seamed.

Can seaming at home has been a long standing project here at The Malt Miller. Other machines have and are available at either a much higher price point or require some set up buy the user. Our Semi Automatic Can Seamer is ready to use out of the box, each unit is tested by our staff and the seamed test can is within the packaging.

Three tough, white plastic spacers are used for the different size cans. The smallest spacer is for 500ml cans and is also used in conjunction with the largest to seam 330ml cans. The middle size spacer is used solely for 440ml cans.

Size: L 37cm W20cm H63cm

Weight 28kg

Ships with a UK 3 pin plug ready to go.

Canning machine manual

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Country of Origin China
HS Code 8459290000


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