Complete 35 litre All Grain Brewing System – Electric 2kW Tri Clamp Element

35 litre Stainless Steel Brewing System – 2kW Electric

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Brewing from grain is an extremely rewarding hobby that is multi faceted, brewers can enter the hobby not just for the joy of the end product but the entire process getting there. With this complete set up you can brew 23 litres ( 40 pints ) of any beer style you choose, we have hundreds of recipes available to purchase along with blog posts and instructional videos to help along the way.

Whilst there are one pot systems available such as The Grainfather, this set up gives a somewhat more hands on approach giving that real hand crafted appeal to the final product.

This system is perfect for both the beginner and experienced brewers who would like a step up in equipment. This complete setup includes a pump that can be utilised during the mashing process, recirculating the wort. This produced higher efficiency from your grain and achieves crystal clear wort. Once the boil stage is finished the pump then comes into use again, this time for whirlpooling. This increases hop utilisation and concentrates the “TRUB” to the centre of the kettle allowing clear wort to be drained from the side of the kettle.

The 2kW electric element heats efficiently and is easily removable as it is fitted within a tri clamp. It will cold water from 8c to mash temperature in approximately 60 minutes, one the mash is complete boil will be reached in approximately 30 minutes.

Checkout the full description of the Kettle and 2kW element

The 304 grade stainless steel kettle including hop filter, dial temperature gauge with brewing parameters, etched volume markings and silicone finished handles that allow the lid to hang on the side. The two piece valve for emptying the vessel is finished with a hose barb that is suitable for the supplied silicone tubing.

The kettle is suitable for use with both whole leaf  and pellet hops It is simply set up differently, with the bazooka style hop filter being utilised for whole leaf hops only. If pellet hops are being used the kettle is drained from the side using the supplied hose barb pick up tube.

Complete system includes:-

35L stainless steel kettle with 2kW tri clamp element with flex and plug kit,  dial temperature gauge, hop filter, stainless 90′ elbow and hose barb to act as a pickup tube , 32l per minute pump with hose barbs on both input and output. Whirlpool return with two piece valve and hose barb for the return from the pump, 90′ stainless elbow and hose barb on the inside of the kettle to create whirlpool effect. 3m Silicone tubing.

This heating element MUST be wired to a 220v – 240v AC supply, we recommend using an electrician.

Check out the video below, it shows just how easy it is to brew from grain using this system.

Stainless Tri Clamp element, easily removable for cleaning
Dial temperature gauge with brewing parameters
Stainless steel valve for draining vessel or connecting to pump
Pick up tube to be used for whirlpool with pellet hops
Whirlpool return from pump
High power pump, flow can be adjusted using the valve on the whirlpool return
Whirlpool return inside the bag during the mashing process
Volume markings can be clearly seen even when the bag is in the kettle
Angle of the whirlpool return can easily be adjusted to create perfect whirlpool what ever the volume

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Weight 35 kg
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