Kitchen Brewer - Hoppi Boi – Hoppy Pale Ale – 5l All Grain Kit

Kitchen Brewer – Hoppi Boi – Hoppy Pale Ale – 5l All Grain Kit


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Vibrant, hazy, slightly dank and full of tropical citrus notes.

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This 5 litre recipe kit features everything you need to brew a modern hoppy pale ale, as part of our Kitchen Brewer series or otherwise known as stove top brewing. Featuring the new kid on the block for US Hops, Strata!

Expect a beer which is vibrant, hazy, slightly dank and full of tropical citrus notes.

Check out the video instructions or our step by step blog post to guide you from brew day to bottle!

Looking for some equipment to brew this beer at home in your own kitchen? Take a look at our bespoke Kitchen Brewer equipment bundles, featuring everything you need to brew this beer yourself.

About the Kitchen Brewer Range

Brewing 20l batches of beer just isn’t convenient for everyone. We also know that many of you would love to experience the joy of making your own all grain beer at home but space doesn’t permit. That’s why we’ve put together the Kitchen Brewer range. Featuring great recipes that come from our most popular bigger recipe kits and all the equipment you will need to make great tasting beer at home, using all grain, just like the pros. All these beer kits have been prepared and developed to work with the common method for stove top brewing, brew in the bag. The grain is crushed slightly finer to allow for maximum efficiency when mashing.

Ingredients Included

Simpsons Best Pale Ale Malt
Simpsons Munich Malt
Simpsons Wheat Malt
Strata T90 Hop Pellet (50 grams)
LALBREW® VERDANT IPA Dried Yeast 11g (1 packs)


Beer Style (main): American Ales
Beer Style (sub): American-Style Pale Ale
Batch Size: 5l
Original Gravity: 1.048
Final Gravity: 1.009
ABV %: 5
IBU: 30

Temperature °C: 67
Length (mins): 60
Out temp °C: N/A
Out time (mins): N/A

Boil time (mins): 30

Additions and timing:


Add 5g Strata Hops @ 30mins

Hop Stand – After the boil, cool wort to 90c

Add 20g Strata Hops and let stand for 10mins before chilling down to 20c and transferring to your fermenter.

Secondary additions and timing:

After 5 days of fermentation add 25g of Strata hops to your fermenter. Leave for fermentation to complete and then move to your packaging stage.

Yeast: LalBrew Verdant IPA
Fermentation temperature/steps: 18-20c – 7-10 days


As with all hoppy beers, care must be taken when packaging to minimise oxygen contact with your beer.

Additional information

Weight 1.57 kg
Country of Origin GB
HS Code 2106909853


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