WLP091 Best Coast Hazy Ale Yeast Blend – VAULT STRAIN. BB: 26/12/2021

Use with big flavour US and New World hops to accentuate the juicy powerful flavour and aroma.

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East vs West has long been a battle… cities, weather, pizza, rap… and now IPAs. Who does it better? Luckily our new Hazy blend will produce amazing hazy beers- coast to coast and beyond.

When used in conjunction with new-world modern hops, this blend produces amazing hazy beers by accentuating hop aroma reminiscent of fresh citrus and tropical fruit.

Attenuation: 70% -75%

Flocculation: Medium

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium to High (8 – 12%)
Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 68.00-72.00F 20c – 22c

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Weight 0.75 kg
Country of Origin US
HS Code 2102101090


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