70 litre Electric Stainless Steel 3 Vessel Brewery with HERMS

70 litre Electric Stainless Steel 3 Vessel Brewery with HERMS


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Complete 70 litre home brewery with quality components.

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Using the very best component we have built a complete 3 vessel stainless steel home brewery that replicates exactly what can be found in professional breweries the world over. The stainless steel home brewery is supplied with two pumps as it is designed for horizontal set up. No manual moving of liquid is required. The included HERMS is used to regulate and change mash temperatures allowing any beer style to be accomplished with professional style.

Liquor is firstly heated in the 70 litre Hot Liquor Tun ( HLT ) using the 2kW element. The temperature can be controlled using the INKBIRD plug and play controller. The heated liquor is then pumped to the mash tun where the grain mashed. The 70 litre mash tun utilises a false bottom to separate the grist from the liquor.

Using the supplied Inkbird temperature controller the HERMS is utilised during the mashing process allowing different mash profiles to be set. The mash liquor is pumped through a stainless coil that is within the 12 litre water bath. Using the inkbird the operator can adjust the temperature of the wort returning to the recirculation port on the mash tun. After, or during sparge the second pump is used to move the mash liquor to the boil kettle.

The 70 litre boil kettle feature two 2kW elements. Both can be used to get the wort up to boil with one being turned off or regulated with the Inkbird once boil has been reached. The kettle is supplied with a bazooka type hop filter enabling the use of whole hops. Also included is a pick up assembly if pellet hops are used. The pump can then be used in conjunction with the whirlpool return to concentrate hop and break material into the centre of the kettle, allowing clean wort to be collected. Finally, when the whirlpool stage is complete the wort can be dropped through the plate chiller and onto the fermenting vessel ( not included ).

Whats included:-

70 litre stainless Steel HLT with 2kw element, includes dial temperature gauge, two piece valve.

2 x Magnetically Coupled Pumps

2kW 12 litre HERMS kettle

70  litre stainless steel mash tun kettle with false bottom and liquor return.

70 Litre stainless steel boil kettle including 2 x 2kW elements with whirlpool return, hop filter and pickup tube

1 x INBIRD plug and play temperature controller

1 x Stainlesss steel plate chiller with hose lock style fittings for the water side and cam lock fittings for the wort side.

Additional Details

All hose barbs, PTFE tape for stainless threads and 8 meters of silicone tubing to connect all vessels and pumps.

Flex and 13 amp plugs are supplied for the elements and will need to be affixed. This needs to be checked by an electrician if the user is not confident in wiring a plug.

Please note that this system does not ship assembled. Whirlpool assemblies, valves and pickup tubes will need assembling from supplied parts. It’s easy but our customer service team are on hand to smooth the way if needs be.

Learn more about this system in our product video here 


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