Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter

Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter

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Ideal for pressure fermentation and oxygen free transfer to keg.

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Fermenting under pressure has huge benefits, including low ester formation, less dependence on temperature control, oxygen-free transfer and beer that is near- carbonated after fermentation. For homebrewers and small batch brewers, pressure fermentation allows for faster fermentation times.


  • Made from BPA-free, bottle-grade PET plastic
  • Individually pressure tested
  • Pressure-rated at 5 bar
  • Large opening for handling and cleaning
  • Apollo Snub Nose Manual
    572mm to lid + 30mm to top of posts.
    405mm wide

When paired with a SPUNDY you will be able to:
Ferment Under Pressure – Select the pressure setting you require from the x3 PRVs included and the SPUNDY SPUNING VALVE
Dryhop Sanitarily – Use the Dry Hop Port in the lid
Carbonate in the Fermenter – Pressure Rated Operation up to 35psi and pressure tested tank up to 5 Bar
Monitor Internal Temps – Use the thermowell with your temp controller’s probe to get accurate liquid temp readings
Serve Directly From The Tank – Hook up to your tap and use Apollo like a keg
Get Oxygen Free Keg Transfers – Move your fermentations to keg or packaging without introducing oxygen

looking for an affordable fermenter that will let you easily ferment your brew under pressure, without the hassle of cleaning extra valves and accessories?  The Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter can help you take your fermentations to a higher level of perfection!

Apollo is simple to set up and you’ll get all the benefits of pressure fermentation right out of the box with no need to upgrade or buy more parts.  You’ll get great, easy to clean, easy to use features that make pressure fermentation fun.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, The Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter is the right choice for brewers looking to spend less time disassembling and cleaning their tanks so they can get more time enjoying the outstanding beverages they’ll make with the benefit of pressure on their brew.

Pressure fermentation means you’ll be able to ferment and carbonate in your Apollo.

Once carbonated and chilled, you can either drink the carbonated beverage out of the fermenter or carry out an OXYGEN FREE closed pressure transfers to your kegs or bottles.

Closed pressure transfer is the best way to fill kegs and means that your newly filled keg can go straight on tap, saving you time and protecting your amazing beverage.

To undertake proper closed transfer, carbonation and draught service processes, you’ll need a CO2 bottle with regulator 

With a smarter conical shape plus the world’s strongest Australian Made clear PET tank material, Apollo Fermenters are the highest evolution of the original Fermentasaurus PET Fermenters first developed by Keg King in 2016.

NOTE: Optional Fresh Wort kit does not include yeast or hops, if you wish to add these we would recommend


BarthHaas Pure Hop Pellets

1 review for Apollo 30L Snub Nose Pressure Fermenter

  1. Michael Kennedy (verified owner)

    Excellent bit of kit. Purchased mainly for closed transfers as I brew only English Ales traditionally and freely admit I’m impressed with it. Only put under pressure when cold crashing (15psi works great) to avoid suck back. Very easy to clean and TMM were very helpful with a slight problem I encountered. Highly recommended.

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