Chubby Pressure Fermenter Beer Kit Bundle


Chubby Pressure Fermenter Beer Kit Bundle


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A modern take on the pressure barrel, this system offers you the ability to ferment, carbonate and serve from a single vessel!

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Chubby Pressure Fermenter Beer Kit Bundle

This bundle is for anyone thinking of using a pressure barrel to serve their home brewed beer! This bundle offers you a modern and advanced take on traditional, and sometimes troublesome, pressure barrel setups. We have included everything you need to ferment, carbonate, and serve beer kits from this system. With the Chubby Pressure Fermenter from Keg King at the heart of the system, it offers you the opportunity to ferment, carbonate, and serve your beer all from the same vessel.

Chubby is perfect for 23-25L batches and still provides plenty of fermenter headspace. It’s great for beer kits, fresh wort kits, and wine kits. As it is also pressure-rated for up to 35 PSI, you’ll be confident that you will not leak gas or beer from the system. Plus, its ability to hold pressure at high levels means you can take advantage of the natural CO2 that is produced during fermentation and naturally carbonate your beverage.

These rugged, durable PET pressure fermenters are made from the same crystal clear PET material as our entire line of pressure fermenters and unitanks. Plus, they include stainless steel handles.

Also included:

Mini CO2 regulator to add additional gas to your Chubby when serving your beer
10 x 16g CO2 cartridges to work in conjunction with your Mini Regulator
SPUNDY – Spunding valve to attach to your Chubby during fermentation to set the internal pressure, depending on the beer style you are brewing
Tap, beer line, and connectors to allow you to serve the beer after fermentation is complete
TMM Plastic Fermenter Bucket with Tap, this is to mix your beer kit into before moving to your Chubby ready to add yeast

How to use:

Ensure all your equipment, bucket, and Chubby are clean and sanitized.
Follow the instructions on your beer kit to mix up and dilute it in the plastic bucket to the full volume required, i.e., 23L. Do not add the yeast at this point.
Using the tap on your plastic bucket, transfer the mixture to your Chubby. This can easily be done by placing the bucket on a table and the Chubby beneath.
Add the yeast from your beer kit to the Chubby.
Seal the Chubby with the lid and ensure you have the PRV (pressure release valve) in place. Now place the Spundy on the gas post in the lid. You can identify the gas post by the grooves in the base of the metal post. (See instructions on the Chubby)
After 24 hours, fermentation should have started. Check the pressure reading on the SPUNDY and adjust if needed, based on the beer style you are brewing. For lagers, aim for around 12 PSI, bitters and ales around 8-12 PSI, IPA and pale ales 5 PSI. You can leave it for a further 2-4 hours or so to allow the pressure to build if it’s not at the required amount.
Leave your beer to ferment over the coming 7-10 days.
Once fermentation is completed, you can add your tap via the included black disconnect, John Guest adapter, and beer line. This will allow you to try your beer and see how it tastes! You may find it needs slightly longer to finish fermentation, so be patient and allow for this to happen.
Adding additional CO2 to the fermenter for serving is done via the mini regulator. This fits the grey disconnect and attaches to the gas-in post on the lid, with the grooves. The pressure can be adjusted with the dial on the regulator.


When using, keep your Chubby in a dark space or cover it with a blanket or box.
If you wish, you can place your Chubby into a fridge after fermentation to ensure you serve cold beer.
Try to maintain temperatures during fermentation as this will improve the finished beer. You could consider having a fermentation fridge to aid with this, which could then be used to cool the finished beer ready for serving.

Keen to learn more about fermenting under pressure? Take a look at our playlist on YouTube on how these work

Chubby Pressure Barrel Homebrew Bundle


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