Fermenter Apollo 30L Unitank

Fermenter Apollo 30L Unitank


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Ferment under pressure, dump trub to clear beer then carbonate and serve all in one vessel.

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Fermenting under pressure has huge benefits, including low ester formation, less dependence on temperature control, oxygen-free transfer and beer that is near- carbonated after fermentation. For homebrewers and small batch brewers, pressure fermentation allows for faster fermentation times.


Wider 115mm CIP Capable Lid with Dryhop Port
30L Conical Tank Manufacture From High Strength – Clear P.E.T.
Stainless Steel Plunge Valve/Thermowell
Multi Pressure Option PRV Selection
Built in Handles
New Stainless Steel Stand Design
Centralised Floating Dip Tube Alignment
Collection Bottle
Volume Indicator

690mm to lid + 30mm to top of posts.
405mm wide

The Apollo 30L Unitank is the newest P.E.T. pressure fermenter in the Keg King range with the highest level of fermentation control.
When paired with the Spundy, it’s a full, ready to use pressure fermentation system!

Take command of your new fermentation vessel that will provide you with the ability to:

  • Ferment Under Pressure – Select the pressure setting you require from the x3 PRVs included
  • Dump Trub and Harvest Yeast – Innovative Plunge Valve and Collection Bottle Design
  • Dryhop Sanitarily – Use the Dry Hop Port in the lid
  • Carbonate in the Fermenter – Pressure Rated Operation up to 35psi and pressure tested tank up to 5 Bar
  • Monitor Internal Temps – Use the thermowell with your temp controller’s probe to get accurate liquid temp readings
  • Serve Directly From The Tank – Hook up to your tap and use Apollo like a keg
  • Get Oxygen Free Keg Transfers – Move your fermentations to keg or packaging without introducing

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Weight 30 kg
Country of Origin CN
HS Code 3923309000


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